About Jeffrey Davis

Yo. I’m Jeffrey. I live in Nashville, TN. I’m a writer, speaker, web designer, personal fitness trainer, entrepreneur, shaving hater, conversation lover, and oh so much more.

I’m a green digital media mogul of sorts. I’m the founder & editor-in-chief of Eco-Snobbery Sucks, but also rock editor duties at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green and Greenwala.com

Check out more info about my professional speaking and digital media work, my personal fitness training, as well as my web design services and portfolio on my “about” page.

Writing and Speaking

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I’ve become known in the green media world as a pragmatist and a builder of bridges. I don’t think “living green” is a badge you pin on your jacket or a brick you throw at people or businesses that aren’t doing “enough”. I actually don’t even talk about living green. I talk about living greener.

Absolutes = a slippery slope.

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Personal Fitness Training

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You’re an individual, aren’t you? So why follow a plan made for the masses and tailored for no one? Why pay a ridiculous sum of money to a personal trainer that doesn’t give you the attention you deserve?

Everyone can meet their fitness goals and I’ll design a food and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle and commitment level but that gets you to those goals that have possibly eluded you so far.

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Web Design

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