Doughnuts, They Matter to the Cosmos

Cosmic DonutI knew my love of doughnuts, a ritualistic Saturday morning indulgence, had deeper significance than merely satisfying my sweet tooth. According to CNN Space & Science (who’s rss I subscribe to), cosmic doughnuts could be essential is the formation and birth of massive stars.

So kick that diet for a few minutes and get to your nearest doughnut shop…the cosmos is depending on you.

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Big Butter Jesus

Big Butter JesusThis morning I enjoyed the comedy of Bob and Tom on 102.9, the Buzz, as I made my short jaunt to Panera. I turned on the radio right in the middle of one of the famous Heywood Banks‘ songs called “Big Butter Jesus”. The song, not for the easily offended, is in reference to the sixty-two foot risen Jesus on the side of I-75 in Monroe, Ohio at Solid Rock Church.

This ginormous sculpture is alternately called “Touch Down Jesus”. There are even doctored images out in cyber space of this stone Messiah adorned in a referee jersey…hey, I told you it wasn’t for the easily offended. Some say that the infamous Christ of the Ozarks is actually taller than the statue in Ohio, but that info differs from source to source.Christ of the Ozarks

There is but one choice to make when you hear songs like “Big Butter Jesus” by Heywood Banks (if anyone has that .mp3, please share!). You can either get pissed off and set out on a holy crusade to right the perceived wrong OR get a good laugh, roll with it, and get over it. I, personally, thought the song was kind of funny and I didn’t take personal offense since the Christ that lives within us is not a statue. On that note, he doesn’t need a statue to represent himself in this world. No, it is people that he indwells and hence, through which he reveals his perfect love to the world.

Click here to check out other “Mega-Messiahs (and other End Times Titans)”.

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An Environmental Magic Trick

Pick a city, any city. See those one million cars in that city you just chose? *Poof*, now they’re gone! Want to know how I just did that?

I changed Everyone in the USA changed one lously light bulb. (Edited due to a previous misunderstanding.)

Yeah, that’s right, if every household in America would simply replace one regular incandescent light bulb with an energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb (the spirally kind) it would reduce the amount of CO2 (and other greenhouse gas) production to the equivalent of taking one million vehicles off the roads! Yeah, they cost a little bit more than regular incandescent bulbs, but they last longer and save you money in energy costs…not to mention the whole environmental benefit and making you a better human thing. Imagine the difference it would make if every household in the USA, or even the world, changed not just one, but all of their light bulbs.

Here’s some sources if you care to read further about these statistics: energy star, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,, and

So now that you have the information, turn off your computer (as it too burns a ridiculous amount of energy), get out of the house, go buy some light bulbs and save the planet.

Congratulations, you’re now a top notch magician and part of the solution.

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Genghis Kahn, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Strange Books

Thus far the weekend has been an eventful one. The little league football team that I coach won it’s first game yesterday, ‘Bama beat Hawai, Shaunna and I experienced some new food, and then we made some strange discoveries at Borders.

So about the food, if you have never been to Genghis Grill in Cool Springs, it is a MUST try! It’s kind of difficult to explain how it works, so just follow the link to check it out. Since pictures are worth 1000 words, check out this one, on my flickr page, of the grill area below.

After leaving Genghis Grill, we went over to Borders to let our food settle. It was here that we found a number of strange and humorous discoveries. Here are some pics of two such discoveries. The first is self explanatory (to say the least) and the humor in the second was simply finding these two books next to each other on the shelf.

After letting our food settle at Borders, we made our way to the Dunkin’ Donuts on Caruthers, also in Cool Springs. This, as far as I’m concerned, is the very nexus of the universe. I mean seriously, they have it all, the best donuts, great coffee, and a Baskin Robins sharing the same retail parcel. Check out these pics (also on my flickr page) for some of Shaunna’s donut photo handiwork.

As promised, here’s the Borders pics:

Here Comes the Pain!

Oh that’s right boys and girls, here it comes, college football kickoff weekend! Woo hoo! Anyone who knows me is doubtlessly aware of my anticipation of this weekend. So far this weekend South Carolina shut out Mississippi State (for Spurrier’s 150th career win), Iowa State held back Toledo in triple OT, Boston College survived a late rally from Central Michigan, and it took until the fourth quarter for the number No. 24 Sundevils of Arizona State to close the door on Northern Arizona.

The remainder of the weekend I’m looking forward to seeing Cal beat UT and Alabama beating Hawaii (ROLL TIDE ROLL!). I’d also like to see Vandy to upset Michigan in the Big House and for Charlie Weis’ Fightin’ Irish to take down Georgia Tech because, let’s face it, everyone but USC fans can agree that the Irish got the short end of the stick last season. In addition, I wouldn’t be suprised if the Arkansas vs. USC game isn’t as close as a field goal…maybe even an upset.

Oh yeah, and one more time, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

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