Here Comes the Pain!

Oh that’s right boys and girls, here it comes, college football kickoff weekend! Woo hoo! Anyone who knows me is doubtlessly aware of my anticipation of this weekend. So far this weekend South Carolina shut out Mississippi State (for Spurrier’s 150th career win), Iowa State held back Toledo in triple OT, Boston College survived a late rally from Central Michigan, and it took until the fourth quarter for the number No. 24 Sundevils of Arizona State to close the door on Northern Arizona.

The remainder of the weekend I’m looking forward to seeing Cal beat UT and Alabama beating Hawaii (ROLL TIDE ROLL!). I’d also like to see Vandy to upset Michigan in the Big House and for Charlie Weis’ Fightin’ Irish to take down Georgia Tech because, let’s face it, everyone but USC fans can agree that the Irish got the short end of the stick last season. In addition, I wouldn’t be suprised if the Arkansas vs. USC game isn’t as close as a field goal…maybe even an upset.

Oh yeah, and one more time, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

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  • gavin richardson

    Roll Tide!! i didn’t get to see the game, or the css replay, but i have it on good account that we’re now 1-0

  • Jeffrey

    Oh yeah! Another ‘bama fan out of the closet! I had no idea you were one of the enlightened ones!