What’s It Gonna Be Saban?

So yesterday ‘Bama AD Mal Moore flew to Miami to meet with Dolphins head coach Nick Saban about filling Shula’s head coach position. Throughout December Saban has adamantly declined interest, but Moore reportedly offered him an eight year deal worth $30 million, which would make him the highest paid coach in college football, were he too accept. I think Saban is a great coach and had great success at LSU, both winning a national title and earning the NCAA coach of the year award in 2003, before going to Miami and revamping the floundering Dolphins program.

Personally, I’d love to see Saban at Alabama. However, there are two things that make me hope he doesn’t take the job. The first is true of any coach replacing Shula–and that is that I really liked Shula and think he got shafted…seriously shafted. The second is that where as I do believe that Saban would be great for the Tide program, I may not think as highly of him if he gives in strictly because the financial deal is so sweet. I’ve really admired how he’s stuck to his guns and stayed loyal to his Dolphins this last month, and I would hate to think all that could be changed by money…regardless of how advantageous it would to have him at ‘Bama.

Well, he’s supposed to say one way or another some time today, so I guess we’ll know soon enough. If he does decline, Mal Moore is screwed. He wanted to have a replacement coach in place by January 5th.

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