Welcome to ‘Bama, Saban

It’s official, former Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban is en route to Tuscaloosa to formally accept the head coach position. Saban has extensive success in both the NCAA and NFL. His college record is 91-42-1 and his pro record is 15-17-0. He won SEC championships in 2001 and 2003, the BCS Championship in 2003, and finished in the AP Top 25 in five of his six seasons at LSU.

As I previously noted, I’m a little concerned about this move. I feel like Saban, though he’s a great coach, sold out. He spent a month and a half talking about how much he loved and was committed to the Dolphins, only to change his mind because the deal was too sweet. I guess some would say, “who can blame him?”, but I just have a special respect for people who stick to their guns and remain loyal.

Nevertheless, welcome to ‘Bama, head coach Saban. You’re now in one of the highest profile and pressure positions in college football. I hope you lead our boys well.

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  • http://salemslots.blogspot.com john h

    Appropos of absolutely nothing in this post, this is the best looking blog I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

    Do you know Sam and Lynnette Davidson? They are neighbors of ours and we hang with them on Sunday nights.

    Re Alabama and Saban: the man is not a pro coach. The LSU folks are pretty peeved right about now, but I think Bama got the right man for the right time. Maybe, just maybe, you guys will kinda forget the Bear for a while.

  • Jeffrey

    hey john, welcome to my humble space. thanks for the props on the aesthetics mate, i wish my content could be as pleasing, but alas, it’s not…oh well.

    yup, my wife and i have kicked it with sam and lynette a couple of times and i’ve hooked up with Sam a few more times than that. He’s the only nashville blogger i’ve actually met IRL. they’re good peeps.

    i agree that he’s a college coach, not a pro coach. I do think he’s the man for the job and will greatly improve the program, i just hate that he was so adamant about having no interest in the job, and then taking it anyway…but oh well.

    Bama fans, forget about Bear? Surely you jest. Don’t you know that all we have, for now anyway, is the past to live in?

  • http://www.gavoweb.com gavin

    jeff, first time stopping by.. so i must say. i’m with you on the saban thing. he’s a good coach and will be good for us short term. long term, i predict we will see him gone in about 4 years with one sec championship.

    ps: how bout them gators