Saban Stacks His Staff


“Whether the reputation is deserved or not, University of Alabama football has entered a new period reflective of its coach, who has described himself as no-nonsense and process-oriented, and comes across like a hard-nosed CEO.[...]

In many ways, the new staff is similar to what Saban had previously pieced together, and each new coach could have a one-word nickname as telling as his eventual titles:

The Master: Kevin Steele, former executive head coach and linebackers coach at Florida State, and named the 2005 National Recruiter of the Year by In describing him, Saban used words like “fantastic” and “terrific.”

The Veteran: Joe Pendry, who has told recruits that he’s the offensive coordinator. Pendry has nearly 20 years of NFL experience, most recently as the offensive coordinator of the Houston Texas under Dom Capers.

“I’ve always liked to have, I’m going to refer to it as an old hand on staff,” Saban said.

The Prodigy: Last season, Major Applewhite coached a spread attack at Rice, which scored the most points (350) and amassed the third-most yards (4,486) in school history.

The Ace: Burton Burns, former running backs coach at Clemson. When Alabama will be looking to sign a prize recruit out of Louisiana, he’ll be the closer.

The Post: Kirby Smart coached defensive backs for Saban at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins, and is one the coach can lean on since he’s familiar with the system.”

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[UPDATE: In light of Bill Parcells resigning from the Dallas Cowboys and from the coaching career (maybe for more than eight days this time), I sure hope Saban's statement that he is not interested in the Cowboys job is more trustworthy than his statements regarding his interest in the 'Bama job while at Miami. Yikes.]

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