Most Christians are Hindus

Have you ever noticed that most “Christians” seem to really be Hindu, or maybe even Buddhists? They may not call themselves such, but behind the label they give themselves is a belief system that says otherwise. I began thinking about this (again) after reading a post at Kyle, a blog bud in Vancouver’s, place.

What is this belief that Christians and Hindus (and Buddhists, and Taoists, and Muslims, and Jews) all share alike? It is Karma. “Do good, do good, do good.” You might refer to it as the “moral law”. You know what I mean, the idea that “what goes around comes around”. If you’re a Christian, you may find yourself snipping, “I don’t think that, that’s ridiculous” or something of the sort. But wait, isn’t that line of thinking essential to “Christian” thought? Of course it is. If you do the right thing, i.e. “accept Christ”, you “get into Heaven”. If you do the wrong thing, not “accept Christ”, you burn in “Hell”. Cause and Effect. Karma.

So what separates “Christianity” from any other religion? Perhaps the more accurate question would be, “what is supposed to separate Christianity from any other world religion?” How can “Christians” say that, “God is love”, yet say that if you mess up He’ll condemn you to Hell? How could an unconditionally loving God divvy out blessings and curses based on the “right” or “wrong” choices a person may make? What if they made that/those choices out of ignorance?

Christians do say they believe something different than “other” religions, but the doctrine is the same in the end, don’t you think? They say that God is love and He loves everyone unconditionally, but in the end, it’s still Karma. Does that duality bother anybody?

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The Fun Times Guide to Living Green

Living green is so much more than just combating (or debating) global warming. It can save you money, contribute to physical health, aid others around you, and…it can be FUN! I’ve begun blogging at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, my own site in the wonderful The Fun Times Guide network of sites. This network of sites is owned and operated by Jim and Lynnette of Jim and Lynnette’s Fun Times Guide, the original site in this network.

This in no way means I’ll cease to blog or blog any less here, this is just a different blog with a niche topic. I’m not an expert on living green, but this is a unique place for others to share their ideas and journeys into living green, as well as follow my own. Maybe some will even find a few shreds of helpful information there from my own experiences of beginning to live green. Come by and visit if you’d like,

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Cool People that Care are in Tennessee

In my inbox this morning was a note from Sam Davidson, president of, informing that this initiative he and a friend started just eight short months ago has extended beyond the Nashville area and is now statewide! From Sam’s blog today:

“Today, we’re adding calendars and partners for Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville. We’ve had thousands of visitors come to the site to find out ways to get involved in their local communities. More and more of these people are from outside of middle Tennessee. We want to meet this demand, so we’re growing.”

Head over to Sam’s place for the rest of the news. Also stop by and its Events section to find an event with cool people who care near you…if you’re in the state of Tennessee, that is.

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