Get Out of Your Own Way

Though he has one of those multi-contributor blogs of which you can’t subscribe to the writings of one person, but must subscribe to the whole, I like to read John Mayer’s blog. He seems to write the type of posts that I find myself stopping to peruse, rather than scrolling right past in my Google Reader.

Yesterday, Mayer wrote a post wondering how Jimi Hendrix was able to shred the guitar like he did. It’s worth a look, but the closing line is what really interested me.

…close your eyes, get out of your own way, and JAM.

I wonder, what would our lives be like if we decided not to consider what others might think or say of us? How differently would I live if I wasn’t so freaking scared of my own shadow? How would I be different if I just closed my eyes, got out of my own way, and rocked out in life?

I don’t know everything that would be different, but I do know that I would:

  • dance more (and not just move to the beat…I mean really dance)
  • tell the people I love that I love them…besides my wife, who I strive to make aware of my love multiple times a day. I have such a complex about telling people that I love them for some reason.
  • take more chances
  • not hold so many grudges
  • apologize more
  • care more about my neighbors
  • listen more and talk less

Those are just a few things I would do. What would you do differently if you got of your own way and really lived.

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  • Rick

    Something I’ve been thinking – meditating on lately…

    I am loved, desired and appreciated by all (insert names of people…even those whose flesh doesn’t love you or the people who snicker when you dance) because all (insert names) are love. Although, every expression of love (insert name) may not operate with the conscious awareness of oneness, there is nothing I can do to make God love me any more or any less. What I ‘can’ do is abide (in time and depth) in his love which bears fruit.

    What worries you masters you.

    btw… I LOVE YOU…geez that’s uncomfortable :p

  • Jeffrey

    ah, wonderful words rick.

    btw…I LOVE YOU TOO MAN. I wonder why that’s so uncomfortable for me to say–even simply here, much less in person.

    (well, I actually do have some semi-thought out reasons of why it may be hard for me personally, but whatever…lol)

  • Hil

    I would quit being concerned with what the classic christian community thinks of gray areas…and my involvement in them :) …and have more conversations about the core of my belief system:
    and Christ.

  • Jeffrey

    ah, very cool hil.

    you coming home this summer at all?