Nashville Red Bull Flugtag and Telfaire

Yesterday Shaunna and I went down to Riverfront Park here in Nashville to take in the sights of the 2007 Red Bull Flugtag with our friends Rick and Heather. Here are a couple of pics from the day, with more at my flickr photo set of the event.

Flight 1

Red Bull Air Force 1

Rick, Heather, Shaunna, and I also had an evening on the town on Friday night, having some coffee and dessert at Cafe CoCo, then heading over to 12th & Porter to take in the astounding musical experience that is a new band called Telfaire.

These guys are, at risk of sounding “groupy-ish”, inexplicable. You owe it to yourself to check out both their musical talents and the depth, honesty, and creativity of their lyrics at their myspace.

Telfaire Show 1

Telfaire Show 2

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