Merging, Not Intersecting

I love the times I stoke up my pipe and sit down to write in my journal. I do this far too infrequently.

For some reason, putting pen to paper to work out my thoughts stimulates a strangely streamlined train of thought. Anybody else have that going on?

Anyway, tonight I moseyed on over to my favorite Starbucks in the world (which happens to be near my home) to just spend some alone time diving into a book I’ve been reading (that’s really starting to get good) and to muse about whatever came to mind in my journal.

*Forgive me, the following are rather rough thoughts on a new concept I came upon tonight.*

As I wrote, I stumbled upon a strange thought. I realized that up until now, I’ve more or less held the view that everyone is on their own spiritual journey and we choose to intersect journeys with those whom we surround ourselves with. In so doing, we can encourage, guide, and aid in each other’s own pilgrimages.

“However”, I thought to myself (or actually, my pen wrote without my conscious thought), “this doesn’t seem quite true; aren’t we really more merging our journeys with the journeys of those we love? Might they be more than mere intersections?”

Why might that be important?

Let me illustrate. I continue on in my own adventure daily, as my wife moves daily on her own journey as well. Sometimes we seem to currently be exploring the same path, sometimes we don’t (which I believe is healthy, by the way). If our journeys merely intersect at common cross roads, then such times of difference cannot be beneficial to our relationship.

However, if our journeys are interlocked (or merged, if you will) they form a conjoined adventure of greater grandeur…but not in the way that interstates merge with each other (which I’m sure makes no sense at all)?

Practically, what does that look like? How do you explain it? How does it change the paradigm?

Hell if I know, to be frank; but I feel like there is something there…lurking down deep below.

(Does anyone else but me feel as if they have no choice to explore when they get that feeling that a great treasure awaits if you would only spend the time to search it out?)

As I said above, these are just preliminary musings on the subject as they occurred to me this evening, so I apologize if they are hard to follow at this point.

Any thoughts? I’d love to hear (err, see) and glean wisdom from them…

  • TC

    Jeff, your thoughts are interesting. Journey’s takes us to a destination. What is the destination of our spiritual journeys? Maybe we’re all on the same journey, just traveling in different vehicles (bodies)? If we are all heading to the same destination, then we are all in this together – even those who have yet to know it. TC

  • Rick

    Dude…all are one…all are parts of the same body (i.e. Christ). There is no separation…just one source, many expressions. We merge or intersect there… it’s the only place that’s real.

  • Jeffrey

    tc, i too feel that everyone is journeying together towards the same end–the reality of perfect Love–though saying that there is an “end” to which we arrive disturbs me in my spirit for some reason…hmm…

    rick, no doubt; i just think i stumbled onto something in my own psyche that need be explored. as usual, it seems like it could only be semantics…but then again, sometimes semantics are important to the subconscious ;-) .

  • Rick

    Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

    semantics…oh yeah!

  • Justin

    i like your thoughts here on merging. i have had some similar stumbling-upons from time-to-time. of course, now i will have to change the name of my venue, currently “The Intersection.” hahaha…

    sort of reminiscent of homer’s odyssey and ithaca:
    “ithaca gave you the marvelous journey.
    Without her, you would not have set out. ”

    and here we all are, journeying ever upward, from many places – and yet the paradox still stands: it is a straight and narrow path.

  • Jeffrey

    Justin, lmao about having to change the name of your venue.

    that’s one of the reasons i’m hesitant to ever write a book or get a tattoo. Both are things i’d love to do, but both would represent ideas/views that I currently hold which will inevitably be different by the time either are finished ;-)

    also, on a deeper note, what do you mean by journeying “upward”? in addition, what path are you on that is straight and narrow? mine is often twisty, curvy, topsy, and turvy–in addition to being sunny, straight, easy, and pleasant at others. One thing is for sure, it’s always exciting!