My Indoctrinated Dogmatism

I’ve realized in the past few days that I’m far from decompressed from the religious dogmatism that, up until a couple of years ago, dominated my paradigm.

I find within my psyche a falsely inherent desire to construct firm and definite stances on various topics and ideas of which I can eloquently and cleverly explain (and convince one of) my personal views.

Rather than seeing a place in which I am discovering new ideas or aspects of “true reality” and meditating on such things in the deep recesses of my spirit, I subcouciously feel that this position is somehow less valuable than one in which I have come to a solid understanding of a new idea.

Ironically, the less valuable of the two is probably the instance in which I come to the aforementioned understanding, as such will inevitably result in, yet again, closed-minded dogmatism.

A dangerous cycle to be sure.

Where would you rather be? Would you rather have a set of firm ideas, understandings, and beliefs, or would you rather be in the place of discovery and exploration of new ideas? Perhaps a combination of the two better suits your fancy?

More on what I’ve been thinking on later…

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  • Justin

    let me apologize for not commenting on this post – but the merging post. You asked about what path, “straight and narrow?” Yeah, my path is often curvy, twisty, bumpy and sometimes seems altogether invisible! But doesn’t that stand to remind us just how much of a discipline the Simple Way of Life really is? It’s simple, because it is disciplined. The burden is light because of the hard work of Christ. Paradox after paradox so it would seem. Haha…I don’t know, just some thoughts…I know that God calls us to let Christ live through us, and in that, perhaps, we would be walking the straight and narrow. After all, we no longer live, but Christ lives in us. (Gal. 2.20) and that is absolutely crazy!