Happy Thanksgiving From the YMCA Tomahawk

Here’s the image in an email the downtown Nashville YMCA sent out to their members earlier today:

I’m not a member of the YMCA (I train at Graves’ Fitness Center in Mt. Juliet), but a friend who is a member there forwarded this email to me this morning.

As for me, I think it’s pretty funny, but I wonder if the YMCA’s vegetarian members or PETA advocates will be offended?

What do you think?

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Truth, Can We Know it Absolutely?

Absolute Truth, with a big “T”. What does that phrase stir up in you?

I’ve been thinking about my epistemological paradigm, or the way in which I construct my moral/philosophical/spiritual “framework”, lately…as many of you undoubtedly know. In this line of posts, there is The Mighty Crash and Our Impending Doom.

I left off Our Impending Doom by providing my current musings on the question, “Is there still a way to hold a few core beliefs without the rest of them being dependent on those at the core?”. I promised further explanation in the next post, but have slipped in a few between here and there…oh well, we’ve got to come up for air sometime eh?

Before I go into an explanation of the paradigm I’m currently test driving, let me get back to the problem–or depending on how you may see it–the solution at hand.

Absolute Truth.

Does absolute Truth exist? If so, what makes it “absolute”? More importantly (to me), if absolute Truth does exist, can we possibly know it absolutely?

In your experience, what does a life believing in and built upon absolute Truths look like? Likewise, what does a life lived by philosophical relativism consist of?

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Bama Couldn’t Hang On

As Gavin already mentioned this morning, our Crimson Tide just couldn’t hang on to their lead to knock off LSU and potentially clinch the SEC West championship.

LSU made all the right mistakes for us to take care of business, but we just made too many mistakes of our own…having 3 starters suspended didn’t help any though.

For those who realize the emotional and symbolic importance of this game, it’s an especially hard loss for the Saban led Tide.

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