Dog Found…Is She Yours???


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UPDATE: The owner saw one of my signs, called me, and is now reunited with their doggie. Hooray!

This female dog just followed my two dogs and I home from our walk.

She is grayish in color, I think she looks like she’s a pit bull, seems to have recently given birth, and has a pink collar with faux diamond studs on it.

The collar also has part of a leash that apparently tore off, leading to her escape.

Currently she’s on a 25 foot leash in my front yard in Hermitage. I gave her food (albeit large breed puppy food) and water of which she barely touched. This makes me think she hasn’t been missing for too long.

If this is your pooch or you know who she belongs to, give me a call at 310-7031.

  • lacey

    3 dogs now, eh? :) i’m calling it.

  • Jeffrey

    Oh no no, if no one claims this one in a day or 2 i’ll be giving her away or taking her to a shelter…

    don’t have the room and can’t afford another dog. Plus , with the collar, this one is CLEARLY someone else’s (unlike Sophie and Ender).