Sexify Your FireFox

Since you spend so much time in your web browser, why would you not want to enjoy looking at it?

Who wants to deal with clunky themes that break FF extensions, require multiple browser restarts, and get updated before you can even get it tweaked the way you want it?

Enter Personas for Firefox. This gem of an extension is lightweight and unintrusive, allowing you to theme your browser window with ease.

Personas is a prototype that builds upon the ideas that:

  • themes today are too hard to find, install and use
  • graphic designers should be able to style the browser without having to code
  • browsers can be more than just desktop software, they can include online components
  • people just want their computer to be a little more fun and personal

All the themes I’ve played with look VERY nice. Check out the snowman or reigndeer themes to keep you in the holiday spirit.

[HT: LifeHacker]

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