The Christmas Story…5 Days Later

Nearly 25 years ago, on a cold and dreary December night, a child was born.

The soon-to-be parents wandered from hospital to hospital but found no one to take them in. No place to lay their heads.

Finally a place at a hospital of Baptists in the small town of Nashville, TN gave them refuge and delivered their child.

The nurses, and even the doctor, were taken aback by the newborn baby boy, as they said he appeared to radiate in a way they’d never experienced…and ne’er expected to experience again.

Little did they know that this boy was special. He held within him a part of the Divine. He, in fact, was the essence of God.

Unlike a great (and similar) story of long ago, this boy grew to be proficient in the ways of piety and bigotry. He lorded over all those he deemed sinners, condemning them to wallow in the refuse of their pitiful lives. He taught that “salvation”, “propitiation”, and the forgiveness of those sins could be attained–through a simple equation (which he made to seem quite complex indeed).

The radiance he possessed on his day of birth left him.

He grew cold and dark…

…until one day, when something stirred deep within.

It was a familiar feeling. It felt as though it had always been there, yet was hidden away from consciousness.

This feeling grew stronger and stronger until he could barely stand it any longer.

He had remembered the radiance of the divine within him!

This surreal journey of discovering his true self yielded the knowledge of the greatest secret in history…a secret kept hidden for generations and generations…

This radiance, this divine, this Life that was within Him was not unique, elite, or exclusive…it was within everyone!

No, he didn’t go about from place to place working miracles or healing the sick as you might expect in such a story. (For again, this story is still quite different from another similar story of long ago).

Instead he groped about, continuing on this journey of discovery, with an open mind and an open heart, interacting and sharing life with any of whom an intersection occurred…but missing plenty of opportunities along the way as well.

And so he grew and changed, stumbled and wondered, made progress and fell down, and then found himself laying on the floor, at 1:00 in the morning on the 23rd of December, writing a silly little parody for his blog.

Tomorrow will be a new day for the boy of our story, now grown into a man with a wife and some dogs and a mortgage. He will surely make mistakes in that day, judging when he could Love, cursing when he could bless, and maybe even flicking when he could wave…but one thing remains; one thing drives him; one thing makes him no different at all from anyone else…he knows that EVERYONE shares in the divine life and there is nothing we need to do to “receive it”…not even say a little prayer.

We simply must choose. We must choose to change our minds. We must choose to LIVE in the truth of who we really are and not the lie of who we only believe we are. And THAT is where this story and that similar story of long ago are the same. Both the man “born” many years ago on December 25th (ok, not really on December 25th, but whatever…) and the one born many thousand years–and 5 days—later had the same dream…

That people would know the truth [of who they are], and that truth would set them free.

But set free from what? Well that is the question I leave for you…

(I’ll give you a hint, it’s not from some place called Hell.)

*Note that all that crap about the wandering and the cool night and the nurses and the radiance is mere fabrication…but it made me feel special nonetheless. Oh, and no offense to my twin sis who was obviously born at the same time, actually 1 minute earlier, but could not be worked into this story. Oh well, you’ll live sis. You’re still special to me. Merry Hanuquanzafestimas*

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