Becoming a Quarter-Centenarian

Today is the day I become a quarter-centenarian.

This is of course not to be confused with becoming a quarter-centaurian. But then again since a centaur is a half man-half horse creature of mythology, I guess that would have made me a 1/4 horse-3/4 man or vice versa.

So welcome me to my 25th year on this planet…and sorry to all those for whom it has been a very LONG 25 years.

Oh, and if I were a centaur today, this is how it might look:

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  • newscoma

    Happy Birthday! And may this year be good to you.

    And you look pretty good as a centaur.

  • gavin

    that picture is rather disturbing..

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  • Ginger

    LOLOLOLOL! That picture is hilarious!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Ginger’s last blog post..A Query?

  • Maris

    hahahha… this is a good look for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Maris’s last blog post..WordPress Hoodies

  • Jeffrey

    glad yall liked the centaur mashup i did of myself…and thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes!