The Endless Conflict of Mind and Heart

Here recently I’ve felt conflict between my mind and my heart.

I believe that the things I feel in my heart, in my gut, in the deep places of who I am–those are the truths.

That said, my conditioning to religious systematics seems to rear its ugly head quite a bit more often than I’d like.

Here’s the cycle I tend to be trapped in:

  • I feel a truth in my gut/heart–and it’s normally a very simple, yet transforming realization
  • I think on that feeling
  • I rationalize and analyze it in my intellect
  • I make it very complicated
  • In my attempt to basically make it a theology, I lose the very thing that changed me
  • I feel empty, dogmatic, and religious once again

What a vicious cycle indeed.

Why am I unsatisfied with BEING? Why must I always try to “do, do, do”. Sometimes that even means trying to “learn, learn, learn” or “realize, realize, realize”.

I seem to be in endless pursuit of the next best thing…and I don’t want to be any longer.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
~Leonardo Da Vinci

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler”
~Albert Einstein

Photo is “Freed Heart, Understanding Mind”, by Dale Wicks
It is accompanied by this poem:

The shell no longer does confine
when hearts embrace higher design
Connecting intimately with eternal one
found in the room of midnight sun
No style of speech is found, but praise
A song of peace, the soul does raise
The bars swing open to his temporal dwell
for he sees in this midst, that all is well
A glory that shall never fade
unlike the things that man has made
Deserving of the deepest affection
for it is the key to love’s perfection.

Do You Do It in Bed?

The best headline of the day comes from Darren Rowse at

14% of Bloggers Prefer to Do It in Bed

Hit the link to find out what we bloggers like to do…in bed….

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We Weren’t Meant to Work

What if we were never intended by the powers-that-be/source/God/LOVE to work for a living. If you want to take the Garden of Eden allegory as one example of this, you see that man was cursed to work after “the fall”.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “It is too difficult to think nobly when one thinks only of earning a living.”

Tonight I had a great convo with my friend, Rick, about this very thing. Of course we were drinking “the Rick special” and testing our wit in a game of Khet while we talked, but we managed a great conversation nonetheless.

He read in a book he is working through something to the effect of, “One must first have serenity before clarity of thought”. (That wasn’t the exact the quote, but it is the gist of it…Rick, feel free to post the exact one in the comments.)

If this is possible, then what Rousseau said makes a lot of sense. We, especially in the western world, seem to spend so much time worried about and enslaved to money, hence, our jobs, that serenity is rarely experienced.

If that be the case, how can we ever expect to spend any time in clear, contemplative thought and awareness? Is there another way? Can we experience true serenity in the midst of our enslavement to work and money?

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Stumble Your Way to Living Green

Did you know that I write another blog? It’s The FUN Times Guide to Living Green.

I’m proud to say that after right at a year of diligently dedicating myself to that blog, it’s really beginning to take off. I experienced my record traffic day last month, tripling my usual daily hits.

Well, thanks largely in part to Ivy (one of my Nashville blog buds) stumbling my post about .99 cent reusable shopping bags the other day, I had a new record day yesterday…which was triple my previous record set last month! Thanks Ivy.

Feel free to mosey on over to my other blog (which is a paying gig) and browse around. You’ll find ideas about easy, inexpensive, creative, and most importantly–FUN ways to begin to live green. It’s the perfect place if you just don’t know where to start.

Of course, feel free to comment, stumble, digg, hugg, etc if you like what you see.

You can check out all of Ivy’s stuff at her places:
Home-Ec 101

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Excuses, Excuses…

“Watch ’til the end…then get off your ass and quit making excuses”, he said as he looked in the mirror…

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WANT: Underwater Camera Mask


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