Stumble Your Way to Living Green

Did you know that I write another blog? It’s The FUN Times Guide to Living Green.

I’m proud to say that after right at a year of diligently dedicating myself to that blog, it’s really beginning to take off. I experienced my record traffic day last month, tripling my usual daily hits.

Well, thanks largely in part to Ivy (one of my Nashville blog buds) stumbling my post about .99 cent reusable shopping bags the other day, I had a new record day yesterday…which was triple my previous record set last month! Thanks Ivy.

Feel free to mosey on over to my other blog (which is a paying gig) and browse around. You’ll find ideas about easy, inexpensive, creative, and most importantly–FUN ways to begin to live green. It’s the perfect place if you just don’t know where to start.

Of course, feel free to comment, stumble, digg, hugg, etc if you like what you see.

You can check out all of Ivy’s stuff at her places:
Home-Ec 101

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  • Ivy

    Yay, I’m glad stumbling that post worked for you! Stumble is a fabulous way to drive traffic, I’ve found. It’s also the best time waster EVER, ha!

  • Jeffrey

    i’m just now getting started using stumble upon. I must admit, I’m not sure how it actually drives so much traffic?! Do that many people really endlessly click the stumble button or is there some way to view recent stumbles somewhere on the site?

    thanks again ivy!