The Wrath of Your God, Not Mine

It makes me sad to hear people say things like, “God spared me from that tornado”.

Of course, the same statement can be applied to any disaster, natural or otherwise. Why does it make me sad? Because the implication is that “God” did NOT spare those people who lost their lives, homes, family, etc.

And so I pose some questions:
Can anything other than Good come from God?
If everything “came” from God, than everything is perfectly good, is it not (note that I’m not talking about morally “good”)?
Why would a perfectly “Good”, Loving, Accepting, etc God impart disaster?

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  • gavin

    you could go on and on about this topic jeffrey

    gavin’s last blog post..hardcore sitting

  • Jeffrey

    too true, gavin.

  • Justin Bertram

    As gavin has already noted, this topic is massive – the “problem of evil” as some call it.

    John Piper has helped me beyond measure in understanding this issue. I would recommend two resources to you:

    Ten Aspects of God’s Sovereignty Over Suffering and Satan’s Hand in It
    NPR Interview (audio)

  • Debbie

    Just as God allowed Satan to torment Job, God allows bad things to happen. So, while bad things…tragedy and otherwise…come THROUGH God (i.e. with His knowledge and even permission), they do not come FROM Him. But, as has already been said, the topic is endless.