The Duality of Dualism

Good And Evil Homer
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In several conversations recently, the concept of dualism has arisen–specifically in the context of the “epic struggle” between “GOOD” and “EVIL”.

I had forgotten that I wrote a post about this, Can We Know Good Without Evil?, early in 2007. I was refreshed to go back and peruse the comment thread with a reader named Brent. He had some great insights.

Well here we are, over a year later, and the discussion of that concept (or problem?) has arisen once more.

My friend Jim Palmer, author of Divine Nobodies and Wide Open Spaces, posted about this at his blog just the other day.

I was considering making this next thought into a separate post, and maybe I still will, but here it is nonetheless…

I’ve recently become acquainted with Jim’s neighbor Mike, who resonates primarily with the teachings of Buddhism. Mike was mentioning the other day that we often find ourselves at a roadblock when we get consumed with “maintaining a state”.

He meant that religion tends to foster the dependency on some blissful state, “right” living (again, what is right without wrong?), etc, etc. Instead, what if the goal were to “know God”, and let the circumstances be as they are.

If the result of this “knowing” is a change of lifestyle, decisions, etc, then great, but that would be not the end goal. Neither would it be a problem if one slipped/backslid/messed up/whatever if the focus were not the derailment of “maintaining a state of ______”.

Some how in my mind these two thoughts were related, but I’ve forgotten how.

What do you think?