My Man Crush

The more I learn, the more serious I grow about strength training…and the higher I set my goals.

Heck, this week I even twittered about putting power cleans back into my routine after swearing them off forever years ago after a string of injuries related to them…which of course were all due to pitiful form, as most strength training injuries are.

I’m really a visual person, so I’ve been searching for a body builder with similar body composition as myself to set my sites on.

I NEVER expected that person to be a Bulgarian Olympic power lifter!

The man pictured here is none other than Ivan Stoitsov. We are both:

  • similar in height
  • have rolling posture (shoulders set further front on the body, strong arch in lower back, and hips tilted forward)
  • have a more square torso (instead of a natural “V”)
  • have wide hips
  • and what appears to be very similar muscle structure (albeit his are MUCH bigger than mine, ha)

It is a physical impossibility to achieve the results that a professional body builder has. They are INCREDIBLY juiced up on steroids and are near death from dehydration at the time their pictures are taken.

BUT, an Olympic power lifter like Ivan is a little more attainable. Sure he probably trains 8-9 times a week at an intensity level that I can’t even fathom, but his stature is much more my goal.

Do I want to be completely as big as him, nah, especially those massive quads he has, but somewhere in the direction of where he is will be my new goal.

Thanks for the inspiration Ivan.

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  • LeBlanc

    It appears that your man-crush can kick my man-crushes (Will Hoge, David Tennant) asses. lol

    LeBlanc’s last blog post..The Life Of Brian

  • Rick

    My man crush is “Big Mig” Miguel Indurain. I’ve had a crush on him since the early 90′s when I was doing the amateur racing gig.

    My ‘man’ sure doesn’t look as manly as your man. :-(

  • Jeffrey

    i think Ivan could kick most all other man crush’s asses…and all at the same time.

  • Ginger

    Wow! Thanks for that…I can now go about the rest of my day. :)

    Ginger’s last blog post..Zombies and Meeting Maude?s Daughter!

  • JOHN T.

    I used to do a lot of strength training when I was younger. When I realized how quickly the gains you get go away I decided to train more for an overall health and physical fitness position. ;)

  • Jeffrey

    ha ha ha, yes john, they take forever to achieve and leave you seemingly over night. I’m of the firm belief that if you strength train with PROPER FORM, you can lift injury free until you die…even if that occurs in your 80′s or 90′s.

    99% of all injuries in the weight room, in my opinion, are due to poor form.

  • JOHN T.


    A good friend and mentor of mine recently did 26 chin ups……hes 51 yrs old. when I met him he was 34 and in better shape than most 20 yr old athletes, hes better today then at 34! some are just freaks of nature lol

  • Gaurav

    He was caught injecting lol so if you do that and train like him you wil get that body.. Without juice… Slim chance