Is there such a thing as destiny? Are we in bondage to a master plan where “all the right choices” must be made or the fruits of them are lost forever?

My good friend Hilary asked me to muse on this topic back in a post about the conflict between mind and heart, back in January.

My answer (or at least my thought at the moment) is, “No, there is no such thing”.

What if, instead of trying to figure out “why am I here, what’s my purpose, etc”, we were fully present at all times.? What if we didn’t waste time chasing a feeling of euphoria brought by “doing the right thing”?

What if life were about BEING who we are, the divine life and essence of God, all the time?

Doesn’t that sound much more freeing, fruitful, enjoyable, and purposeful than to spend our lives wondering how to be free, how to bear fruit, how to enjoy life, and what our purpose is?

I think it is often difficult for many of us to disconnect from the religious dogma of “do, do, do” that has been instilled in us from our youth. What’s more, is that “doing” may be a result of “being”, but I do not think it’s most beneficial for the “doing” to be the focus…lest the cycle begin to repeat.

So if there is no destiny, if there are no pivotal choices one must make for our lives to be “on track”, what does life look like?

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  • Chelsie

    Enjoyment. :)

    Chelsie’s last blog post..balance

  • Hilary

    Thanks for the thoughtfu reply Jeffrey! I think you hit the nail on the head…freedom comes from being fully present.

  • Harshpndy007

    i think that destiny is a cant b understand it just hapend