When You Realize You Don’t Exist

Last night I was in a discussion with some friends, and we got to talking about reality.

We were talking about how no one and nothing is separate, but are all part of the whole…but not even separate parts, mind you. Why then are we confined in our separateness?

Why do I have a different physical makeup than you? My physical makeup isn’t really me is it? Can you dissect my body and find “me”? Of course not.

What happens to a person when they cease to rely on the sensory world as reality? Can someone reach this point on their journey? If we are spirit/source/energy/etc, why are we even confined in a body to begin with?

Just some questions I’m pondering today…and i’m sure i will be for a long time coming.

  • JOHN T.

    I heard a funny one about connectedness.

    A bunch of waves were in the ocean, doing what waves do, bobbing up and down. When one of them realizes that they are all crashing into shore. He starts freaking out saying “were all going to die, were all going to die” then another wave looks over and says “what are you worried about, we’ll just be the ocean”. :)

  • http://chsadida16.blogspot.com Chelsie

    This is my arena of thought too, at the moment…and i really haven’t come to any grand conclusions, but have been trying to sink into that oneness more lately. I wonder if the feelings that such meditation allows are real or fabrications of my assumptions on how oneness should feel. Hm.

    As for the bodies, I guess they’re just a product (or construct, if you will) of our present un-reality (or matrix, per se) ;)

    Chelsie’s last blog post..balance

  • Jeffrey

    hmmm, interesting story there John. I don’t know exactly why, but it spurred me to thought…

    chelse, how far does the rabbit hole really go? ;-)

  • http://chsadida16.blogspot.com Chelsie

    Farther than we know….;)

    Chelsie’s last blog post..balance