Take Your “Should” and Shove It

What are some things we “should” do in life?

Popular belief is that you, yeah you, SHOULD:

  • take care of the homeless
  • give $ and time to organizations that help orphans, disaster relief efforts, etc
  • intervene in the genocide in Darfur
  • make poverty history
  • have a beer with your hurting neighbor
  • etc, etc, etc…

My question is, “what if you SHOULDN’T do any of those things?”

In fact, I would say that to me it is not a question at all, I SHOULDN’T do any of those things.

But I COULD do one or more of them.

Do you care about one of the issues listed above? How about one not on the list? Do you view others as bad, wrong, heartless, or jaded if they aren’t moved to the same cause that you are?

What should motivate us to “care about something” anyway? any takers?

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