BlogDay 2008: 5 Blogs You Didn’t Know Existed

Today is BlogDay2008. “What in the world is that about?” you ask.

“One long moment on August 31st, bloggers from all over the world will post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably Blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. On this day, blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, unknown Blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.”

#1: Green Your Decor:
Many of you know that I write another blog called The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. As a result, I participate in lots of conversation on other “green” type blogs…and this one is one of my favorites.

Just like it sounds, it’s a GREAT guide to stylish, eco-friendly home decor. Check it out.

#2: Unreasonable Faith:

I really enjoy conversing with people who hold different views than my own. That said, this is a guy who went through the process of Bible college, pastoral training, and years of claiming to be an Evangelical Christian only to feel he had been wrong.

If you are open to different ideas and views than your own, it’s worth a look.

#3: Crema Coffee:
This is the blog/website of the hippest indy coffee house in Nashville, TN…not to mention with the best coffee! Recently, the owner told me, “I’m not sure a lot of people really ‘get’ what we do…”.

What she meant is that Americans are used to stale and/or burnt coffee. At Crema, they’re coffee snobs, without the snobbery. If you want the BEST tasting espresso drink or cup o joe you’ve ever had, you MUST stop by there sometime…whether you “get it” or not.

#4: Divine Nobodies:

This is the blog of a good friend of mine. He’s written a couple of half-way decent books (just kidding Jim). No, really, his books seriously ROCK!

If you feel like systems, institutions, doctrines, and works, works, works are leaving you wanting, Jim’s books and VERY open and active convo on his blog will be a breath of fresh air for you.

#5: The Fun Times Guide to Dogs:
Finally, The Fun Times Guide to Dogs is THE one stop shop for everyone who has beloved four-legged friends.

You’ll find everything here from product reviews, grooming tips, health care information, and anything else you’d ever want to know when it comes to dogs.

There ya have it, 5 blogs you maybe didn’t know existed. Check them out. When you post your own BlogDay2008 post, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments.

Know Thyself, Maybe You’re Not Who You Think

What is Truth?

Mmm, a quintessential question of human existence…yet one often muddled by foolishness of many varieties.

Time for some audience participation, b/c these questions are NOT rhetorical.

  • Is Truth something that you come to know intellectually?
  • If it is, can one person come to an understanding of Truth in its fullness?
  • If not, why would a person seek it?
  • What if Truth were something that we are all expressions of?
  • What if it it wasn’t represented more fully in one person than another, but all energy, realms, and created things make up it’s totality?

The aphorism “Know thyself” has been attributed to a host of great Greek thinkers, from Heraclitus to Socrates.

If Truth were something that we are all an expression of, how could we come to view that saying?

Know Thyself…you are an expression of Truth.

Would that change anyone but me?

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Quote of the Day

“In modern society the opposite of courage is not cowardice;
it is conformity.”

~Rollo May

Do you agree? What is conformity to you?

8 Ball, Side Pocket


Originally uploaded by JSDavis82

Here’s a pic from a great time last night on a full moon lit greenway bike ride downtown for some dinner in East Nashville and pool shooting at Buffalo Billiards.

Fun stuff.

Full of Shit and Smelling Like Roses

Do you have friends close enough to call “bullshit” on?

I’m glad that I do.

Last night I was hanging with some friends at the Hermitage Starbucks (as we do every Wednesday evening) when the incident happened.

I can’t remember how it started exactly, but it came up that a misunderstanding of Take Your Should and Shove It had occurred.

We pushed each other (not physically–conversationally, logically, and psychologically), clarified points, explained motivations, and basically resorted to playing the “bullshit” card.

You might be thinking, “geez, some friends you have Jeffrey.” To which I would reply, “yes, they’re great indeed.”

You see, I (and the others involved) only push the ones we care the most about in those ways. I am only quick to judge, challenge, and call “bullshit” on someone I care about deeply.

What resulted from the pushing, the challenging, and colorful language were deeper relationships than before.

Which brings me to the question:

Why do so many of us feel the pressure to agree on everything with our “friends”, as if we’re afraid we can’t be friends if we don’t?

Why do we not press and sharpen those we care most about?

I, for one, am glad that I have friends whom I can press and who I know will press back on me…even to the point of calling “bullshit” on me.

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There is NOTHING Wrong With You

The following images were originally uploaded by Kai at and are from the book, There is Nothing Wrong With You.

They are superb food for thought. You are NOT who you think you are. You ARE Love, Peace, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Freedom…











Water Ice Found on Mars…and You Thought I Was Crazy

Get ready for the alien invasion! As I twittered the breaking news the other day, there is without a doubt water ice on Mars.

Those who know me well know that I believe in alien civilizations, dragons, and other (what some may consider) whimsical myths.

For the record, I believe in alien civilizations largely because to me it seems incredibly arrogant to assume that we are the only physical expressions of Life in the great big universe with millions of stars and hundreds of thousands of galaxies.

I sent the news to my friend Rick (a non believer in aliens ;-) ) via StumbleUpon when I first saw it. The caption I gave it was something like, “water=life. i told you aliens existed…even in our own galactic neighborhood.”

To that he replied something like, “dude, it’s just water.”

Of course he’s just busting my chops, but it got me thinking about the long time held understanding that water=life. But does it?

True, physical human life requires water to sustain itself. Does alien life require it?

How do you define life? Physical breath in your body? What if Life is something more than the container of flesh and bone simply having physical function?

Sure, many of us would say, “oh yes, it definitely does…there’s life after death isn’t there?”

Look at that phrase, life after death. Most people mean that they enter into a new life after they (or their bodies) die. But what if your life truly CONTINUES long after (and existed long before) the animation of your humanity?


Sure, for our human bodies it does, but to me water is simply an expression of Life, of Truth, as are all things in physical existence.

…but aliens still exist, and i’m sorry you’re so closed-minded to believe it. Grow up.