Water Ice Found on Mars…and You Thought I Was Crazy

Get ready for the alien invasion! As I twittered the breaking news the other day, there is without a doubt water ice on Mars.

Those who know me well know that I believe in alien civilizations, dragons, and other (what some may consider) whimsical myths.

For the record, I believe in alien civilizations largely because to me it seems incredibly arrogant to assume that we are the only physical expressions of Life in the great big universe with millions of stars and hundreds of thousands of galaxies.

I sent the news to my friend Rick (a non believer in aliens ;-) ) via StumbleUpon when I first saw it. The caption I gave it was something like, “water=life. i told you aliens existed…even in our own galactic neighborhood.”

To that he replied something like, “dude, it’s just water.”

Of course he’s just busting my chops, but it got me thinking about the long time held understanding that water=life. But does it?

True, physical human life requires water to sustain itself. Does alien life require it?

How do you define life? Physical breath in your body? What if Life is something more than the container of flesh and bone simply having physical function?

Sure, many of us would say, “oh yes, it definitely does…there’s life after death isn’t there?”

Look at that phrase, life after death. Most people mean that they enter into a new life after they (or their bodies) die. But what if your life truly CONTINUES long after (and existed long before) the animation of your humanity?


Sure, for our human bodies it does, but to me water is simply an expression of Life, of Truth, as are all things in physical existence.

…but aliens still exist, and i’m sorry you’re so closed-minded to believe it. Grow up.