I just killed you. Am I a “bad”?


You’re dead.

Did I do something wrong?

I seriously doubt that there is a single person on the face of the planet who’s human ego would say that murder isn’t “wrong”.

That, of course, once again begs the question, “what does ‘wrong’ mean?”

The very idea that “right” and “wrong” intrinsically exist is called dualism, which I’ve written about before–so I won’t revisit it here.

The Problem:

I just killed you, remember? Your ego says that is bad, wrong, immoral, heinous, whatever (and so does mine, by the way). So what about if I go out and do the same to a cow?

Ohhhh, that’s “fine”, it’s for food…and a being not of my same species. What about when wolves attack and kill members of other packs?

“Hey, it’s the circle of life and all about survival of the fittest in nature”, you might say.

Ok, what if I kill a wolf?

Sarah Palin may say that’s fine (and offer me the bounty of $150 for a severed foreleg), but would you?

What if it were a domesticated dog?

All of the sudden it’s animal cruelty.

The Crux:

See how we make erroneous judgments?

Do you feel that it’s a possibility that there is no right and wrong? What if everything just plain IS. Nothing is inherently good or bad. Hard to imagine isn’t it?

What if everyone and everything are just different manifestations of what I’ve recently come to call “All”?

None are “bad” or “good” as those concepts do not exist in All.

What does that mean for the murderer, or the rapist, or the likes of Hitler?

Perfect representations of All.

Maybe they were mixed up in their human ego, but does that change who and what THEY are?

Ooo, that feels weird to consider doesn’t it? It does to me….to my ego.

Ironically, one must view themselves as separate–or, being completely disconnected from–another person or thing in order to pass a judgment on it/them.

The greatest lie of all man kind, in my current opinion, is the very concept of separation.

The Rat Race of Change

pandora's box?Change is not the goal. It cannot be.

Recently some friends and I have been discussing the possibilities of life…true life, real life.

Would you say that “real” or “true” life is different than the life you’re living now?

Do you see separation between the “physical” and the “spiritual” worlds/life?

Why do humans so persistently seek change?

Is it because of our “ego”–or that element of our physical nature that experiences, conceptualizes, and continually seeks “better” things–that we pursue change so relentlessly?

Why might it be impossible for change to be accomplished once it has become the goal in itself? Or do you think it can be?