When Not Voting is the Only Vote You Have

I’ve been asked MANY times today if I’m gonna vote.

No, I’ve actually been asked, “You’re going to vote today, aren’t you?”

My answer, “No, actually I choose not to vote.”

I’ve had the privilege of being engaged in several great conversations today and in the recent past regarding that statement.

Why do people feel like it’s “our civic duty” to vote…even when many people feel like they’re voting for “the lesser of 2 evils” most of the time?

How is that doing anything but perpetuate a system–or at the very least, a candidate–that they don’t really believe in?

If you vote, what prompts you to? If you don’t, care to share why?

…and if you’re looking for some non-election, tongue in cheek fun today, check out my review of the free online game OILigarchy at my other blog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green–because democracy is way overrated.