I Have a Dreamsicle

Tomorrow is MLK Day.

Few people have made such an impact in the world as we know it as Martin Luther King Jr.

That said, I discovered this awesome mock up via StumbleUpon earlier this week.

I thought it was hilarious!

I sent it to a friend who replied back, “I bet MLK Jr would think that’s pretty funny too”.

I think he would.

Sometimes we take ourselves and those we deem “leaders” far too seriously.

Here’s to anti-take-yourself-too-serious day.

2009 will be a restful time

My world crashed down around me in 2008.

…sort of.

I mean to say many things I held as “foundational”, constant, and unshakable were revealed as no longer such.

I walked struggled grew through some pretty drastic changes in:

  • my beliefs regarding “God”
  • the nature of our existence & reality in general
  • the concepts of absolute Truth and right & wrong
  • humanity’s existence within a system of dualism
  • foundationalism in general
  • and lots of other stuff

Having so many questions and gigantic life and paradigm changes in a single year has been exhausting (but exciting).

That said, you may have also noticed my posting here has been VERY sporadic recently. That’s because I’ve come into a place of rest…and it feels GREAT.

2009 seems to at least be beginning as a year of…nothing.

It’s a time of peace when the world around me is in chaos…when I COULD be in utter chaos.

I’m at a place where I have no longing to explore, seek out, or discover any “new realizations”.

That said, I’m open to such things if they arise on their own, but for the first time in my life I’m not running hard after the understanding of the next greatest life-altering concept.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a damn about it (at this moment).

THAT is refreshing.

We’ll see what 2009 has in store. Without so many things to wrestle with right now, who knows where this blog will head.

Guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out.

I’d love it if you would check out my (completely unrelated) other blog that is actually taking off like a spaceship.

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That’s a source of income to the ole’ Davis’ house.

Here’s to a restful 2009. What’s yours have in store?