I Have a Dreamsicle

Tomorrow is MLK Day.

Few people have made such an impact in the world as we know it as Martin Luther King Jr.

That said, I discovered this awesome mock up via StumbleUpon earlier this week.

I thought it was hilarious!

I sent it to a friend who replied back, “I bet MLK Jr would think that’s pretty funny too”.

I think he would.

Sometimes we take ourselves and those we deem “leaders” far too seriously.

Here’s to anti-take-yourself-too-serious day.

  • http://www.bestgametables.com/ Star Carlton

    I made that image a few years ago – funny how it has gone through the net. I was bored at work one day – and just thought that up. I found out later that Colburn did a skit about it – but I think my image was first. I still have the photoshop file. I had my name on the image below the text – and it has been blacked out or cropped off over the years. Still funny