White House Video – The GreenGov Challenge

Today President Obama is issuing a new challenge to Federal and military personnel to put these ideas to work. To get started, check out the GreenGov Challenge Final Report and pick an idea you can champion in your workplace. Then sign up for the GreenGov Collaborative to work with colleagues across the government to put your ideas into action. You’ll be able to share your strategies, ask questions, and create a “green team” in this online community.

Read the rest at Twilight Earth.

Quote of the day: Mission

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“Describe your company’s mission in 20 words. You can’t? Well, there’s your problem.”

~Chris Baskind

Quote of the day: Believability

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 I know three things will never be believed – the true, the probable, and the logical.

~John Steinback

VIDEO: Shaun White’s double mctwist 1260 gold medal run

Shaun White successfully defended his gold medal in Vancouver last night, winning for the 2nd consecutive time. He unveiled the brand new trick he’s been creating in secret during his second run.

It’s name? The Double McTwist 1260.

Here’s a video of Shaun’s 1st and 2nd run…though I don’t know how long this video will stay up due to probable copyright issues.

UPDATE: Yep, it’s already been pulled down. Try googling it or searching for “double mctwist 1260″ on youtube.

Quote of the day: Caring

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.”

~ Mother Teresa

The Daily Show p0wns snowpocalypse news

Hilarious segment by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew on all things snowpocalypse, with a healthy dose of climate change satire thrown in. Absolutely priceless!

Watch and enjoy:

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Quote of the day: The foolishness of war


 You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.

~Jeanette Rankin

Zebra Finches Rock Out With Electric Guitars

The Zebra Finches– not only would it make for a good band name, but the birds already have a musical reputation thanks to French artist/composer Celeste Boursier-Mougenot.

Boursier-Mougenot creates works by drawing sound out of in unexpected sources, redefining how we view everyday situations. His latest installation for the Barbican Centre in London puts a flock of zebra finches in an aviary that functions as a sort of high-tech playground, complete with electric guitars and other musical instruments.

You start to get the feeling the birds have an ear for music, especially when one zebra finch rocks out with a guitar solo, using a twig as a guitar pick.


Absolutely amazing. Maybe that goes to show that music isn’t just sound, but something much deeper that connects all living things. But then again, maybe not.

Quote of the day

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 I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

~Thomas Edison

We Are The World 25 For Haiti – Official Video

The new “We Are The World” video. What do you think of it?