Awesomely geeky way to say “I’m sorry”

I saw this wonderful “I’m sorry” card on Geekologie earlier today and just had to share it.

First person to explain how Ctrl + Z would be an apropo apology to any geek worth their 8 GB of RAM wins a prize. Ok, so there’s really no prize, but there’s the respect of all Geekdom.

awesome I'm Sorry card for a geek

You can buy some at PaperWheel’s Etsy shop…when they come available again.

  • Carmen

    Ok, I don't know much in the world of geekdom, but doesn't ctrl-z an “un-do” command?? So, I guess it would be appropriate to “ctrl-z” the mistake.

  • Jeffrey Davis

    Ding ding ding, you win Carmen. You have proven yourself worthy to enter the gates of Geekdom by demonstrating your knowledge of one of the five most used keyboard shortcuts. We welcome you with open laptops. ;-)