Quote of the Day: Fear

“To acknowledge the presence of fear is to give birth to failure.”

~Katherine Mansfield

Ninja Exit Only

Thanks to my Nashville twitter friend @JimReams for this awesome twitpic. Ninja, vanish!

This exit best used in conjunction with smoke bombs

This exit best used in conjunction with smoke bombs

[VIDEO] Why Girls Like Twilight

I’ve said that Twilight is nothing but emotional p0rn for women ever since the 1st book came out. Clearly I’m not the only one to make this observation:

via Geeks Are Sexy

All your nuts are belong to us!

+10 geek points if you can cite the origin of the play on words I used the title of this post to caption this pic with.

via Powerpig on Flickr.

[VIDEO] Teenage Mutant Ninja…Bear?

This is a video of a bear at the Hiroshima Zoo named Cloud. Cloud is trying out for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and wants to work the bō staff like Donatello. He’s good too. The Youtube user that shot video claims it has NOT been sped up or altered in away way.

via LOLWUT?!: Teenage Mutant Ninja…Bear? – Geekologie.

Admiral Ackbar In Your Coffee

Caveman Circus is back with Episode II of “Star Wars in Odd Places”. Here are 2 of my favorite pictures from this episode:

Quote of the Day: Glass Kissin’ & Story Writin’

“Here’s to the past, they can kiss my glass.” ~ Joe Nichols, Brokenheartsville

…and a bonus quote in that same vein:

“Write drunk, edit sober.” ~Ernest Hemingway

Should you care to subject yourself to the twangy Brokenheartsville video, then here you go:


Bert & Ernie Gangsta Rap

I have to wonder if this is somewhat how I came across during my brief gangsta rap phase in high school.

Seriously, Bert and Ernie are hardcore t-h-u-g fo life…

Thanks to my bud Derek Markham for this

Quote of the Day: Jealousy, Yoda Style

“Jealousy, the shadow of greed that is.”

~Jedi Master Yoda, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Quote of the Day: Be Kind

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


Today’s quote comes via my Nashville friend and a mind-blowing marketing maven, Kate O’Neil, who tweeted it earlier today.