Quote of the Day: There Is No Wrong

So many times we war with one another over who is “right”. That unfortunate action has come to not sit well with me. Could there be a right without a wrong? No, the two ideas are dependent on each other…that’s called dualism.

Consider that when chewing on today’s quote.

There’s never just one right answer. And there’s never just one right question.

Kid-Friendly Fatalities…Kind of

As a long-time gamer and an old-school fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, I think this is just epic.

Geeks Are Sexy says, “Mortal Kombat fatalities are not what we could actually call ‘kid-friendly’, but these from Youtube user Eric Power almost make the whole thing look cute. Almost.”

Quote of the Day: Actions and Words

A dream not followed by consistent action, however humble or small the actions may be, points to either a huge contradiction or a gigantic misunderstanding.

Because when people get clear and realize just how powerful they truly are, wild horses can’t stop them from taking even the humblest of baby steps, everyday.

Craigslisting: My guitar, couch, books and more for sale

Shaunna and I had our annual drag everything out of the garage and clean it from top to bottom day yesterday. This inevitably generates a pretty good amount of items bound for craigslist.

So here’s what we have for sale:

Comfy Plush Couch – $120

Like New ESP LTD MH-100 Electric Guitar – $240

3 Piece Luggage Set – $40

Lots of Christian/Religion Books – $100 for all (but will sell individually too)

PS2 + all cables and 1 controller – $25

Know anyone interested in any of these items or do they tickle your own personal fancy? Let me know.

Quote of the Day: Bad Things vs Bad People

To young souls, there are good folks and bad folks. To mature souls there are only good folks, though some do bad things. And old souls, only see themselves.

~The Universe

UFO Grounds Chinese Air Traffic

See. All yall say I’m crazy for believing in the existence of life elsewhere in the cosmos. Well that life got all up in the business of Chinese air traffic late Wednesday night.

According to DailyMail,

A Chinese airport was closed after this mysterious object was spotted in the sky. Arcing over Zhejiang’s provincial capital Hangzhou, the UFO appeared to glow with an eerie white light and left a bright trail in its wake. Xiaoshan Airport was closed after the UFO was detected at around 9 pm and dozens of flights had to be diverted.

Stunned witnesses reported seeing a comet-like fireball in the sky and a number of local residents took photos of the strange ball of light. A local bus driver, giving his name only as Yu, said he had seen a strange glowing object in the sky late on Wednesday afternoon. ‘The thing suddenly ran westwards fast, like it was escaping from something,’ he said.

Here are some images that eye-witnesses captured:

My New Gig: Greenwala.com

Greenwala - The Green Social Network

Have you heard of Greenwala.com?

It’s the first green social network that combines the power of community, content, commerce and convenience. They’ve been live (open to the public) since April of 2008 and have generated over 1 million page views, over 1K green videos, more than 500 eco focused events and over 4K blog and news articles.

…and I’m the newest member of the staff.

The awesome folks at Greenwala (“wala” is a slang term for person in Asia) reached out to me after seeing my work at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, MNN.com, and other places around the green media world. They invited me to become their Green Tech and Green Biz editor, and I accepted the job.

This gig isn’t in replacement to any of my other staff or freelance jobs, but in addition to everything else I do.

Because of the workload I already have on me, I’m looking for some folks that are interested in green tech and/or business to contribute 1 to 2 short articles a week. If you’re interested contact me.

What will you get for your articles? Like EcoDiva and new Greenwala Beauty and Family editor, Elena Lipson, says:

  • You will be a featured writer on Greenwala that will get promoted via our Social Media platform
  • Ability to promote yourself and what you do on a daily basis
  • Selected content to be featured in our bi-weekly newsletter
  • Earn a bonus payment for the success of your article
  • Know that your voice is being used to help make a change in the world
  • With more than 50k visits per month, your voice will be heard

So again, contact me if you’re interested in contributing. In the mean time check out all the cool features of Greenwala like the articles, petitions, contests, online store, and more.