Fake Star Wars lightsaber popsicle tray should be made for real

Think Geek lightsaber popsicle tray for April Fool's 2011Think Geek are masters of creating some of the most epic geeky gadgets on the face of the planet…and that includes their April Fools’ fakey every year.

Some of their April Fools’ products have been so incredible that they’ve actually gone on to become real products…a la the taun taun sleeping bag.

WIRED is calling for this lightsaber popsicle tray to become a real product too…and I’m glad to throw my lot in with them.

This fake product consists of four Lightsaber hilts which — when frozen in juice — become four short-bladed Lightsabers. Two hilts are Luke’s, two Darth Vader’s. There is even an imaginary LED inside each handle which beams its light into the popsicle and makes it glow.

Or will it? The curious thing about ThinkGeek’s April Fool gags is that they create such a demand that the company has to go ahead and make them anyway, making them less pranks and more a kind of clever market research. Fingers crossed that ThinkGeek can get these things licensed and ready in time for Summer, and keeps the price to the currently hypothetical $35.

I’d pay $35 for that awesomeness. Would you?