Jeffrey DavisYo. I’m Jeffrey. I live in Nashville, TN. I’m a writer, speaker, web designer, blogger, personal fitness trainer, entrepreneur, dreamer, thinker, coffee drinker, question asker, movie watcher, gym goer, conversation lover, fun haver, shaving hater, and great outdoors goer.

Most of my digital life is lived as a green media mogul of sorts. I’m senior editor of The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, Green Tech & Green Biz editor at Greenwala.com, and also founder & editor-in-chief of Eco-Snobbery Sucks.

You can also check out more info about my professional speaking and digital media work, my personal fitness training, as well as my web design services and portfolio.

Hey, I’m jack of many trades. What can I say?

This blog attached to this site is my personal one. Here I post questions, quotes, pics, links, life tidbits and anything else I happen to find interesting. Feel free to peruse all of my writings (but be warned that if you dig too far back into this blog, you’ll stumble across some posts I wrote while I was going through a major paradigm shift and time of existential angst.

I love to meet cool people, so feel free to contact me…if you think you’re cool. ;-)