Personal Fitness Training

Jeffrey Davis personal fitness training iconI wish reaching your fitness goals were easy, but with the exception of a few genetically gifted people who make you throw up, it’s usually not. That’s where a personal trainer is helpful…and it’s why I enjoy being a personal trainer.

Sure, you can read a book or peruse the web for diet ideas, exercise tips and technique, or other information, but everyone’s body is different. You can know the book answer (and that’s better than nothing), but most times you’ll need to tweak that diet or modify a certain exercise to suit your body the best.

All of that is where I come in.

Who do I train?

Over the 6 years I’ve been a personal fitness trainer, I’ve trained everyone from stay at home mom’s to busy hospital executives. From bikini competitors and professional cheerleaders to record-setting power lifters.

So in short, whether it be an intense kettlebell and kickboxing based program or a hard-core strength building program, I will design a plan that works into your lifestyle and commitment level that WILL allow you to meet your fitness goals…whatever they may be.

Just contact me to get started.

Where do I train?

I train at Graves Fitness Center in Mt. Juliet, TN. Graves Fitness Center is the premier gym in Mt. Juliet, TN, complete with TONS of top notch strength training equipment and a plethora of cardio equipment.

I also do private training outside of the gym. Those workouts usually take place in parks or at playgrounds (which can be used as incredible gyms, if you didn’t know).

Contact me to find a time that works best for you in the gym or at a park/playground near you.

How much does it cost?

I charge a LOT less than most other personal trainers in the Nashville area. Why? Because I’d rather be able to help people meet their fitness goals that may not normally be able to take advantage of having a personal trainer. Basically, I care more about helping out awesome people than I do about making a killing.

Training at Graves Fitness Center:

  • special training client rate of $25/mo for gym membership (which lets you come and use the facility when not training with me too)
  • $30 per hour
  • $20 per half hour

Want to train with a partner? I’ll train you together at $5 less per person per session. That means a half hour session would cost each person $15 and an hour session would cost each person $25.

Full Disclosure: I give that $5 discount for training with a partner because I will obviously not be able to give each person 100% of my attention, so I think it’s fair to not charge 100% of the normal amount, don’t you?

Training at a park or playground near you:

  • only 1 hour sessions available
  • price starts at $40 and can potentially be as much as $60, depending on the training location

So what are you waiting for? Give me a shout and let’s get you on your way to the goals that have eluded you so far.