Writing and Speaking

Jeffrey Davis writing and speaking iconI fell into writing by a complete accident…I won’t lie. My personal blog won an award back in 2006 and that led to my first professional writing gig which was helping to launch and then remaining at the helm of The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. Fast forward to the present and I can’t believe how many green-themed media outlets and websites I’ve contributed to, edited, and helped to grow.

I’ve become known in the green media world as a pragmatist and a builder of bridges. I don’t think “living green” is a badge you pin on your jacket or a brick you throw at people or businesses that aren’t doing “enough”. I actually don’t even talk about living green. I talk about living greener.

Absolutes = a slippery slope.

I coined a phrase a few years back that represented this ideology and it has grown into its own brand and one of my newest media projects: Eco-Snobbery Sucks.

Through my writing, speaking, and consulting, I help individuals and brands alike figure out how to get greener in ways that make the most sense to them…which are the things they’re already passionate about…without turning into eco-snobs.


I’ve spoken in front of audiences ranging from a couple of dozen to several thousand and at events ranging from small corporate trainings to giant conferences. If you’d like to book me to speak at your next event just contact me via this form and we’ll get the ball rolling. If you’re interested in speaking with me about contributing to your website or publication, you can use the same contact form to open the lines of communication.