Buy a Photo, Help a Friend

Looking to redecorate your space AND contribute to a good cause?

Check out the amazing 8×10 prints for sale by my photographer friend, Steven Bush.

He’s selling these beautiful prints for $35 each to help fund the last leg of his and his wife’s adoption process.

He only needs a little bit more to go and do to some unforeseeable circumstances, time is of the essence.

Check him out at!

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Full of Shit and Smelling Like Roses

Do you have friends close enough to call “bullshit” on?

I’m glad that I do.

Last night I was hanging with some friends at the Hermitage Starbucks (as we do every Wednesday evening) when the incident happened.

I can’t remember how it started exactly, but it came up that a misunderstanding of Take Your Should and Shove It had occurred.

We pushed each other (not physically–conversationally, logically, and psychologically), clarified points, explained motivations, and basically resorted to playing the “bullshit” card.

You might be thinking, “geez, some friends you have Jeffrey.” To which I would reply, “yes, they’re great indeed.”

You see, I (and the others involved) only push the ones we care the most about in those ways. I am only quick to judge, challenge, and call “bullshit” on someone I care about deeply.

What resulted from the pushing, the challenging, and colorful language were deeper relationships than before.

Which brings me to the question:

Why do so many of us feel the pressure to agree on everything with our “friends”, as if we’re afraid we can’t be friends if we don’t?

Why do we not press and sharpen those we care most about?

I, for one, am glad that I have friends whom I can press and who I know will press back on me…even to the point of calling “bullshit” on me.

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When You Realize You Don’t Exist

Last night I was in a discussion with some friends, and we got to talking about reality.

We were talking about how no one and nothing is separate, but are all part of the whole…but not even separate parts, mind you. Why then are we confined in our separateness?

Why do I have a different physical makeup than you? My physical makeup isn’t really me is it? Can you dissect my body and find “me”? Of course not.

What happens to a person when they cease to rely on the sensory world as reality? Can someone reach this point on their journey? If we are spirit/source/energy/etc, why are we even confined in a body to begin with?

Just some questions I’m pondering today…and i’m sure i will be for a long time coming.

Does Size Matter?

Sam Davidson, of answers this age old question in a clever video post. Check it out.

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Chelsie Harris Starbucks Showcase

Songwriter, singer, and friend Chelsie Harris had a showcase of her original songs at the Hermitage Starbucks this past Sunday, April 1st, 2007. The turnout was great, her sound was kickin’, and the lyrics were awesome as usual.

It’d be well worth your while to check out her myspace and listen to some of her tunes.

Here’s some pics from the showcase:

Chelsie Harris Hermitage,TN Starbucks Showcase #1 Chelsie Harris Hermitage,TN Starbucks Showcase #2 Chelsie Harris Hermitage,TN Starbucks Showcase #3 Chelsie Harris Hermitage,TN Starbucks Showcase #4 Chelsie Harris Hermitage,TN Starbucks Showcase #5 Chelsie Harris Hermitage,TN Starbucks Showcase #6

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Cool People that Care are in Tennessee

In my inbox this morning was a note from Sam Davidson, president of, informing that this initiative he and a friend started just eight short months ago has extended beyond the Nashville area and is now statewide! From Sam’s blog today:

“Today, we’re adding calendars and partners for Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville. We’ve had thousands of visitors come to the site to find out ways to get involved in their local communities. More and more of these people are from outside of middle Tennessee. We want to meet this demand, so we’re growing.”

Head over to Sam’s place for the rest of the news. Also stop by and its Events section to find an event with cool people who care near you…if you’re in the state of Tennessee, that is.

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