The early bird catches the beautiful sunrise

Beautiful sunrise over Percy Priest lakeHere’s a picture I took of the sunrise over J. Percy Priest lake this morning. I was bummed that I didn’t have my nice camera with me, but the Droid Razr Maxx’s camera captured the setting nice enough — and definitely better than I expected.

See what you miss by hitting your snooze?

Gradient sunrise


There’s nothing like a beautiful sunrise on a crisp fall Saturday. The minutes just before dawn are my favorite of the day. There’s something about the stillness of that brief window that calms my spirit.

How about you?

Flying Cars, Soybean Fuel, and the Apple iBike

I spend a LOT of time in front of my computer between web designing and writing. I write somewhere between 10-25 articles per week.

Some of my personal favorite articles that I wrote this week were:

Which one(s) do you like?

Craigslisting: My guitar, couch, books and more for sale

Shaunna and I had our annual drag everything out of the garage and clean it from top to bottom day yesterday. This inevitably generates a pretty good amount of items bound for craigslist.

So here’s what we have for sale:

Comfy Plush Couch – $120

Like New ESP LTD MH-100 Electric Guitar – $240

3 Piece Luggage Set – $40

Lots of Christian/Religion Books – $100 for all (but will sell individually too)

PS2 + all cables and 1 controller – $25

Know anyone interested in any of these items or do they tickle your own personal fancy? Let me know.

My New Gig:

Greenwala - The Green Social Network

Have you heard of

It’s the first green social network that combines the power of community, content, commerce and convenience. They’ve been live (open to the public) since April of 2008 and have generated over 1 million page views, over 1K green videos, more than 500 eco focused events and over 4K blog and news articles.

…and I’m the newest member of the staff.

The awesome folks at Greenwala (“wala” is a slang term for person in Asia) reached out to me after seeing my work at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green,, and other places around the green media world. They invited me to become their Green Tech and Green Biz editor, and I accepted the job.

This gig isn’t in replacement to any of my other staff or freelance jobs, but in addition to everything else I do.

Because of the workload I already have on me, I’m looking for some folks that are interested in green tech and/or business to contribute 1 to 2 short articles a week. If you’re interested contact me.

What will you get for your articles? Like EcoDiva and new Greenwala Beauty and Family editor, Elena Lipson, says:

  • You will be a featured writer on Greenwala that will get promoted via our Social Media platform
  • Ability to promote yourself and what you do on a daily basis
  • Selected content to be featured in our bi-weekly newsletter
  • Earn a bonus payment for the success of your article
  • Know that your voice is being used to help make a change in the world
  • With more than 50k visits per month, your voice will be heard

So again, contact me if you’re interested in contributing. In the mean time check out all the cool features of Greenwala like the articles, petitions, contests, online store, and more.

2009 will be a restful time

My world crashed down around me in 2008.

…sort of.

I mean to say many things I held as “foundational”, constant, and unshakable were revealed as no longer such.

I walked struggled grew through some pretty drastic changes in:

  • my beliefs regarding “God”
  • the nature of our existence & reality in general
  • the concepts of absolute Truth and right & wrong
  • humanity’s existence within a system of dualism
  • foundationalism in general
  • and lots of other stuff

Having so many questions and gigantic life and paradigm changes in a single year has been exhausting (but exciting).

That said, you may have also noticed my posting here has been VERY sporadic recently. That’s because I’ve come into a place of rest…and it feels GREAT.

2009 seems to at least be beginning as a year of…nothing.

It’s a time of peace when the world around me is in chaos…when I COULD be in utter chaos.

I’m at a place where I have no longing to explore, seek out, or discover any “new realizations”.

That said, I’m open to such things if they arise on their own, but for the first time in my life I’m not running hard after the understanding of the next greatest life-altering concept.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a damn about it (at this moment).

THAT is refreshing.

We’ll see what 2009 has in store. Without so many things to wrestle with right now, who knows where this blog will head.

Guess you’ll just have to stick around and find out.

I’d love it if you would check out my (completely unrelated) other blog that is actually taking off like a spaceship.

It’s where I write about simple, fun, easy ways to continue or begin living green. It’s The Fun Times Guide to Living Green. Check it out, you’ll like it…and it’ll help me out, of course.

That’s a source of income to the ole’ Davis’ house.

Here’s to a restful 2009. What’s yours have in store?

When Not Voting is the Only Vote You Have

I’ve been asked MANY times today if I’m gonna vote.

No, I’ve actually been asked, “You’re going to vote today, aren’t you?”

My answer, “No, actually I choose not to vote.”

I’ve had the privilege of being engaged in several great conversations today and in the recent past regarding that statement.

Why do people feel like it’s “our civic duty” to vote…even when many people feel like they’re voting for “the lesser of 2 evils” most of the time?

How is that doing anything but perpetuate a system–or at the very least, a candidate–that they don’t really believe in?

If you vote, what prompts you to? If you don’t, care to share why?

…and if you’re looking for some non-election, tongue in cheek fun today, check out my review of the free online game OILigarchy at my other blog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green–because democracy is way overrated.

Blogging About How You’re Not Supposed to Blog About Being Away

I try to abide by ole’ Teddy Roosevelt’s policy here on my blog.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

All I mean is that I try not to blog about nominal, day-to-day, random type stuff.

That said, my blog has been kind of quiet recently as I’ve kind of been in a “settling in” phase (as Rick once put it) here recently.

I mean that I’ve just been dwelling and resting in some recent thoughts/realizations and not really actively attempting to “discover” anything new…hence, not really any food for thought on the ole’ blog.

If you want to catch other day-to-day type stuff during my relative silence here, follow me on twitter (as I’m totally addicted to it and twitter quite frequently) and DEFINITELY be sure to check out my other blog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green for lots of fun, inexpensive, and easy ideas to take steps towards living a greener life.

I Need a Home…by Saturday

Heads up! This is Chloe, an 18 week old female Beagle mix who needs a home by Saturday or she goes to the humane society.

She currently belongs to a co-worker of one of my clients who is no longer able to keep her in her apartment.

She does need some shots (the current owner will be able to tell you which ones), and she is FREE to a loving family!

Do you know anyone who is looking for a lovable little friend like Chloe? If so, leave a comment or email me with contact details.

Update: If you’d be willing to foster Chloe until she can find a permanent home, she’d enjoy that too…anything is better than going to the humane society!

Hump Day Random Goodness

Here’s a couple of nuggets to get ya through a rainy hump day.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, you should DEFINITELY pick up a 3 Musketeers Mint with Dark Chocolate! I had one last night and it was delicious! Sure it’s 150 empty calories, but as Jell-o says, every diet needs a little wiggle room.

3 Musketeers Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

If you’re heading to the beach soon, why not try baiting a rod and reel with a big hunk of chum and surfing behind a great white shark.

Ok, so it’s obviously a fake video (as you can see, the wake of whatever is really pulling the guy starts in front of the dorsal fin), but at least it’s creative.

Happy Hump Day!