The Gulf Oil Spill: It’s Much Worse Than You Think

The media and big oil lobbies want you to believe that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t all that bad.


Check out this helpful image to learn the truth of the massive spill:

The Guardian says that the spill is easily on track to dump the equivalent of  300,000+ barrels of oil into the ocean. That’s considerably worse than the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill that spilled 258,000 barrels worth.

Now you know….and knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe.

White House Video – The GreenGov Challenge

Today President Obama is issuing a new challenge to Federal and military personnel to put these ideas to work. To get started, check out the GreenGov Challenge Final Report and pick an idea you can champion in your workplace. Then sign up for the GreenGov Collaborative to work with colleagues across the government to put your ideas into action. You’ll be able to share your strategies, ask questions, and create a “green team” in this online community.

Read the rest at Twilight Earth.

Zebra Finches Rock Out With Electric Guitars

The Zebra Finches– not only would it make for a good band name, but the birds already have a musical reputation thanks to French artist/composer Celeste Boursier-Mougenot.

Boursier-Mougenot creates works by drawing sound out of in unexpected sources, redefining how we view everyday situations. His latest installation for the Barbican Centre in London puts a flock of zebra finches in an aviary that functions as a sort of high-tech playground, complete with electric guitars and other musical instruments.

You start to get the feeling the birds have an ear for music, especially when one zebra finch rocks out with a guitar solo, using a twig as a guitar pick.


Absolutely amazing. Maybe that goes to show that music isn’t just sound, but something much deeper that connects all living things. But then again, maybe not.

Did global warming cause the Snowpocalypse?

Good question. Many people think that the U.S. Snowpocalypse happening this year is proof that climate change is a myth. Could it be that global warming is actually causing the snowpocalypse.

Nashville Earth Day Festival

Yesterday Shaunna and I went out to the Earth Day festival. The weather was perfect, the park (Centennial) was hopping, and there were some great vendors, information, music, dogs, people, and food.

Here are a couple shots from the day:

Little Girl with Caterpillar at Earth Day Festival Golden Pup at Earth Day Festival Earth Day Festival in Nashville, TN Dreadlock Dancin' Fool at the Earth Day Festival

Check out more pics of the day at my flickr photo set of the festival.

Read more about Earth Day, the Nashville Earth Day Festival, and other fun and simple ways to live green at my blog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

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The Fun Times Guide to Living Green

Living green is so much more than just combating (or debating) global warming. It can save you money, contribute to physical health, aid others around you, and…it can be FUN! I’ve begun blogging at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, my own site in the wonderful The Fun Times Guide network of sites. This network of sites is owned and operated by Jim and Lynnette of Jim and Lynnette’s Fun Times Guide, the original site in this network.

This in no way means I’ll cease to blog or blog any less here, this is just a different blog with a niche topic. I’m not an expert on living green, but this is a unique place for others to share their ideas and journeys into living green, as well as follow my own. Maybe some will even find a few shreds of helpful information there from my own experiences of beginning to live green. Come by and visit if you’d like,

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It’s not that easy being green

Green. The image this word now conjures, at least to me, is no longer one of color, but of conviction. It is a word that now refers to an environmentally friendly means of producing energy. During the previous year or so, the global warming phenomenon and other environmental issues have recently become of greater and greater cause for concern in my own values, and I’m glad to see them do so to the greater public as well.

However, it unfortunately seems that “being green” is the new capitalistic fad. Everywhere you look headlines like “Wal-Mart building two experimental green stores” come a dime a dozen. My question is what’s the motivation? Is it a ploy by resource devouring corporations to pretend that they care about the environment in an attempt to boost sales? Is it a genuine shift in values, like I myself have experienced? Even if it is the former, or something closely related, does the end justify the means? I don’t know.

The question of motive has been in the forefront of my mind over the past three years. It first began as my wife, myself, and a few others set out to follow a vision and dream that God was birthing in us about what the Church could be. Having no other vehicle to assimilate such a vision into, we used the only one we had, a local church. It took about a year and a half for us to discover that the vision God was stirring in us pertained to the Church globally–i.e. everyone, everywhere–but we learned a valuable lesson in motive nonetheless.

As we set out to “plant a church” (again, before we realized the faulty perspective), we began to get involved in our community, organize events to give aid to those around us, and other seemingly noble actions. However, the real and underlying value wasn’t simply to help, aid, and be involved, but to get people to come to “our church.” I’ll never forget when we all recognized this leading to a serious heart to heart. For us, we decided that such an end did not justify this ulterior motive. We continued such events for a while, but not in publicity of “our church”, but because we truly cared.

Anyway, those days have past, the life of Christ in me now takes me down another trail on my spiritual journey, and this post has gotten much longer than normal, but what say you? Does the desired end of “being green” justify any misplaced motive or means to achieve it??

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An Environmental Magic Trick

Pick a city, any city. See those one million cars in that city you just chose? *Poof*, now they’re gone! Want to know how I just did that?

I changed Everyone in the USA changed one lously light bulb. (Edited due to a previous misunderstanding.)

Yeah, that’s right, if every household in America would simply replace one regular incandescent light bulb with an energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb (the spirally kind) it would reduce the amount of CO2 (and other greenhouse gas) production to the equivalent of taking one million vehicles off the roads! Yeah, they cost a little bit more than regular incandescent bulbs, but they last longer and save you money in energy costs…not to mention the whole environmental benefit and making you a better human thing. Imagine the difference it would make if every household in the USA, or even the world, changed not just one, but all of their light bulbs.

Here’s some sources if you care to read further about these statistics: energy star, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,, and

So now that you have the information, turn off your computer (as it too burns a ridiculous amount of energy), get out of the house, go buy some light bulbs and save the planet.

Congratulations, you’re now a top notch magician and part of the solution.

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