My Pictures of the Nashville Flood

If you’re somehow still in the dark about the historic 1,000 year flood that took place in Nashville last weekend, here are some of my photos from the Hermitage/Old Hickory/Donelson area, with a few shots from Downtown/1st Ave thrown in.

If you’d like to help, buy a We Are Nashville t-shirt from Cool People Care (and read the “We Are Nashville” article that inspired the shirt). All $20 of the purchase price goes to Nashville disaster relief, and the t-shirt is 100% organic cotton.

Click the pictures to make them larger, see their descriptions, and view them in a slideshow.

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I Need a Home…by Saturday

Heads up! This is Chloe, an 18 week old female Beagle mix who needs a home by Saturday or she goes to the humane society.

She currently belongs to a co-worker of one of my clients who is no longer able to keep her in her apartment.

She does need some shots (the current owner will be able to tell you which ones), and she is FREE to a loving family!

Do you know anyone who is looking for a lovable little friend like Chloe? If so, leave a comment or email me with contact details.

Update: If you’d be willing to foster Chloe until she can find a permanent home, she’d enjoy that too…anything is better than going to the humane society!

Chaotic Beauty

It’s been a rough night in Nashville with all the super-cell storms and tornadoes around.

Luckily, there is always beauty in the chaos…for those who have the eye to see it. This photo proves, once again, that Chris Wage sure does!

Nashville lightning — by chris wage
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Dog Found…Is She Yours???


Originally uploaded by JSDavis82

UPDATE: The owner saw one of my signs, called me, and is now reunited with their doggie. Hooray!

This female dog just followed my two dogs and I home from our walk.

She is grayish in color, I think she looks like she’s a pit bull, seems to have recently given birth, and has a pink collar with faux diamond studs on it.

The collar also has part of a leash that apparently tore off, leading to her escape.

Currently she’s on a 25 foot leash in my front yard in Hermitage. I gave her food (albeit large breed puppy food) and water of which she barely touched. This makes me think she hasn’t been missing for too long.

If this is your pooch or you know who she belongs to, give me a call at 310-7031.

Happy Thanksgiving From the YMCA Tomahawk

Here’s the image in an email the downtown Nashville YMCA sent out to their members earlier today:

I’m not a member of the YMCA (I train at Graves’ Fitness Center in Mt. Juliet), but a friend who is a member there forwarded this email to me this morning.

As for me, I think it’s pretty funny, but I wonder if the YMCA’s vegetarian members or PETA advocates will be offended?

What do you think?

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Your Petition is Hate Mail

Burning Petition“Love your enemies”, is what they say.

“Nah, screw that, let’s burn them at the stake and piss on their ashes…we want a different color carpet in the building!” is how they live.

*Yeah, I’m ranting a little bit, but I’m more than slightly hot about this particular issue.*

This past Saturday my wife and I received a petition from an organization that we have not been apart of for several years. The petition was soliciting our vote to achieve a minority’s under-handed agenda and, as most petitions often are, is nothing more than hate mail in my eyes.

The envelope this document arrived in was hand addressed with a return address that I did not recognize. I opened it. The very moment I realized what group it was from and what its purpose was, I looked at Shaunna and exclaimed, “Stop! Don’t read it!”.

[I must admit, however, that I was semi-expecting such a petition as it pertains to an ongoing incident that has had a fair amount of slanted media coverage--as all media coverage is--over the last few weeks.]

Looking back, I realize that I perceived bad energy emanating from the envelope the second we retrieved it from the mail box.

This energy was so overwhelmingly negative that I refused to simply throw the petition and its packaging into the trash can in the kitchen and, without hesitation, took it outside to be burned.

Now the story gets a little freaky.

After the complete document had been consumed by the fire and was reduced to a heap of white ashes, I could still read the words on the page!!! I used my foot to break up the ashes and then buried it the hole where I burned it.

My question to you: “Is there any force in the universe that is more powerful than hate? If so, what is it and why do you think it is more powerful?”

P.S.: Why do people take such pleasure in the intentional demise and destruction of another person’s life?

Nashville Earth Day Festival

Yesterday Shaunna and I went out to the Earth Day festival. The weather was perfect, the park (Centennial) was hopping, and there were some great vendors, information, music, dogs, people, and food.

Here are a couple shots from the day:

Little Girl with Caterpillar at Earth Day Festival Golden Pup at Earth Day Festival Earth Day Festival in Nashville, TN Dreadlock Dancin' Fool at the Earth Day Festival

Check out more pics of the day at my flickr photo set of the festival.

Read more about Earth Day, the Nashville Earth Day Festival, and other fun and simple ways to live green at my blog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

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Cool People that Care are in Tennessee

In my inbox this morning was a note from Sam Davidson, president of, informing that this initiative he and a friend started just eight short months ago has extended beyond the Nashville area and is now statewide! From Sam’s blog today:

“Today, we’re adding calendars and partners for Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville. We’ve had thousands of visitors come to the site to find out ways to get involved in their local communities. More and more of these people are from outside of middle Tennessee. We want to meet this demand, so we’re growing.”

Head over to Sam’s place for the rest of the news. Also stop by and its Events section to find an event with cool people who care near you…if you’re in the state of Tennessee, that is.

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