Nashville Earth Day Festival

Yesterday Shaunna and I went out to the Earth Day festival. The weather was perfect, the park (Centennial) was hopping, and there were some great vendors, information, music, dogs, people, and food.

Here are a couple shots from the day:

Little Girl with Caterpillar at Earth Day Festival Golden Pup at Earth Day Festival Earth Day Festival in Nashville, TN Dreadlock Dancin' Fool at the Earth Day Festival

Check out more pics of the day at my flickr photo set of the festival.

Read more about Earth Day, the Nashville Earth Day Festival, and other fun and simple ways to live green at my blog, The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

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The Fun Times Guide to Living Green

Living green is so much more than just combating (or debating) global warming. It can save you money, contribute to physical health, aid others around you, and…it can be FUN! I’ve begun blogging at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, my own site in the wonderful The Fun Times Guide network of sites. This network of sites is owned and operated by Jim and Lynnette of Jim and Lynnette’s Fun Times Guide, the original site in this network.

This in no way means I’ll cease to blog or blog any less here, this is just a different blog with a niche topic. I’m not an expert on living green, but this is a unique place for others to share their ideas and journeys into living green, as well as follow my own. Maybe some will even find a few shreds of helpful information there from my own experiences of beginning to live green. Come by and visit if you’d like,

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Care for a Geminid?

Well, one of my favorite meteorologists, News 2′s Justin Bruce, just beat me to the punch on this, but here ya go anyway. If you’re not doing anything between about 10:00pm and midnight this evening, you should consider finding a nice, dark spot to set up camp for a while and gaze into the night sky. That’s right, tonight is the peak of arguably the best meteor shower of the year, the Geminids. Oh and just so you know, the forecast is perfect for optimal viewing–not a cloud in the writes,

“The Geminid event is known for producing one or two meteors every minute during the peak for viewers with dark skies willing to brave chilly nights…The Geminids are a very fine winter shower, and usually the most satisfying of all the annual showers, even surpassing the Perseids. Studies of past displays show that this shower has a reputation for being rich both in slow, bright, graceful meteors and fireballs as well as faint meteors, with relatively fewer objects of medium brightness. Many appear yellowish in hue. Some even appear to form jagged or divided paths.” writes,

“The Geminid meteor shower, possibly the year’s best, should peak late tonight in the moonless dark sky. The best time should be from about 10 p.m. until moonrise before dawn.”

Finally, the American Meteor Society (AMS) writes,

“The Geminid shower is the favorite of most experienced observers. While most showers wax and wane throughout the years, the Geminids almost always provide an impressive display of celestial fireworks…Near maximum activity this shower can produce over 100 shower members per hour as seen from rural locations…”

There ya have it, grab some blankets and coffee, brave the chill, and wonder at the beauty of the evening.

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Do These Pics Make Up for My Absenteeism?

Once again I was unable to make it to a Nashville blogger meet up. I was really hoping to make this Christmas one today, but couldn’t do it. I swear I’m gonna make it to one some day. Anyway, I hope these pics keep me in good standing with my Nashville blog buds ;-) . I snapped them this morning at J. Percy Priest Dam while Rick and I were trying to catch the Mars, Jupiter, & Mercury grouping this morning. (We were unsuccessful in viewing the planets, but will try again tomorrow morning.)

By the way, the official weather news said it was seventeen degrees this morning at Nashville’s airport. With the wind and cooler temps coming off the water, we speculate that we stood outside for over an hour in single digits. I have never been that cold in my life!! My lips actually went so numb that I was unable to speak.

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