The Wrath of Your God, Not Mine

It makes me sad to hear people say things like, “God spared me from that tornado”.

Of course, the same statement can be applied to any disaster, natural or otherwise. Why does it make me sad? Because the implication is that “God” did NOT spare those people who lost their lives, homes, family, etc.

And so I pose some questions:
Can anything other than Good come from God?
If everything “came” from God, than everything is perfectly good, is it not (note that I’m not talking about morally “good”)?
Why would a perfectly “Good”, Loving, Accepting, etc God impart disaster?

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Your Petition is Hate Mail

Burning Petition“Love your enemies”, is what they say.

“Nah, screw that, let’s burn them at the stake and piss on their ashes…we want a different color carpet in the building!” is how they live.

*Yeah, I’m ranting a little bit, but I’m more than slightly hot about this particular issue.*

This past Saturday my wife and I received a petition from an organization that we have not been apart of for several years. The petition was soliciting our vote to achieve a minority’s under-handed agenda and, as most petitions often are, is nothing more than hate mail in my eyes.

The envelope this document arrived in was hand addressed with a return address that I did not recognize. I opened it. The very moment I realized what group it was from and what its purpose was, I looked at Shaunna and exclaimed, “Stop! Don’t read it!”.

[I must admit, however, that I was semi-expecting such a petition as it pertains to an ongoing incident that has had a fair amount of slanted media coverage--as all media coverage is--over the last few weeks.]

Looking back, I realize that I perceived bad energy emanating from the envelope the second we retrieved it from the mail box.

This energy was so overwhelmingly negative that I refused to simply throw the petition and its packaging into the trash can in the kitchen and, without hesitation, took it outside to be burned.

Now the story gets a little freaky.

After the complete document had been consumed by the fire and was reduced to a heap of white ashes, I could still read the words on the page!!! I used my foot to break up the ashes and then buried it the hole where I burned it.

My question to you: “Is there any force in the universe that is more powerful than hate? If so, what is it and why do you think it is more powerful?”

P.S.: Why do people take such pleasure in the intentional demise and destruction of another person’s life?

The Magic Answer to Weight Loss

Yep, that’s right, I have the magic answer to weight loss. Would you like to know it? First, permit me to voice what it is not.

I was up early enough this morning to catch nothing on TV but infomercials. One such infomercial was about, you guessed it, weight loss. Some guy from some tv show some two decades ago was talking about his magic answer that led to his loss of some 200lbs.

Blah blah blah.

He went on to say that weight gain and/or inability to lose weight is…wait for it…not your fault. “It’s due to an urge and craving that some people have for food”, he said. No crap, that’s called HUNGER, and everyone has it. He then went on to say that it has nothing to do with will power. Again, “it’s not your fault”.

I have a problem with this line of thinking. Sure, there are physical issues that plague some people’s bodies, but all can be overcome. Some (and I dare say “many”) issues are hormonal, some are not. Regardless, everyone can win with my magic answer to weight loss!

So, are you ready to know the secret? It’s a very simple formula that I’d like to pass along to you now. Ready? Here it is. Got a pen and paper?

Formula: Sweat+a Balanced Diet=Weight Loss

There it is, at no charge to you. What do you think?

Now I realize that I’ve been rather tongue-in-cheek here this morning, and I mean not to belittle those of us who struggle with legitimate physical ailments that make weight loss more difficult than for others. I’d like to stress again that regardless of your issue, YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT!

But please, please, PLEASE don’t resort to unhealthy means of doing so. There is no miracle pill. There is no miracle diet. It requires hard work, sweat, and balanced eating. If you’d like help getting started, Body for Life, by Bill Phillips, is a great plan to begin with. I also recommend purchasing the companion cookbook, Eating for Life, as well.

“But I thought you said there are no miracle diets?!”, you might say. You’re right, I did. I don’t normally use the term diet because of what most people associate with the term. (When I do use the word diet, as in the above “formula”, I refer to our overall style of eating, not a specific fad diet.) Body for Life will teach you a balanced lifestyle, including how you eat and how you exercise — but not a “diet”.

It’s true that what works for one person may not work for another. There are infinite options of workouts, cardiovascular exercise routines, weight training regimens, etc. If you’re having trouble getting started, please talk with your doctor and/or a personal trainer. If you don’t have a trainer or don’t belong to a gym, I am a trainer at Graves’ Fitness Center on Adam’s Lane in Mt. Juliet (across the street from Providence Place).

This post is NOT, repeat NOT to drum up business. It’s basically a reaction against the infomercial I saw this morning that happens to reflect the general populous’ unfortunate and unhealthy perspective. However, if I can help, I would love to.

Now get out and enjoy this beautiful St. Patty’s Day.

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