The early bird catches the beautiful sunrise

Beautiful sunrise over Percy Priest lakeHere’s a picture I took of the sunrise over J. Percy Priest lake this morning. I was bummed that I didn’t have my nice camera with me, but the Droid Razr Maxx’s camera captured the setting nice enough — and definitely better than I expected.

See what you miss by hitting your snooze?

Craigslisting: My guitar, couch, books and more for sale

Shaunna and I had our annual drag everything out of the garage and clean it from top to bottom day yesterday. This inevitably generates a pretty good amount of items bound for craigslist.

So here’s what we have for sale:

Comfy Plush Couch – $120

Like New ESP LTD MH-100 Electric Guitar – $240

3 Piece Luggage Set – $40

Lots of Christian/Religion Books – $100 for all (but will sell individually too)

PS2 + all cables and 1 controller – $25

Know anyone interested in any of these items or do they tickle your own personal fancy? Let me know.

Ninja Exit Only

Thanks to my Nashville twitter friend @JimReams for this awesome twitpic. Ninja, vanish!

This exit best used in conjunction with smoke bombs

This exit best used in conjunction with smoke bombs

Quote of the Day: Be Kind

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


Today’s quote comes via my Nashville friend and a mind-blowing marketing maven, Kate O’Neil, who tweeted it earlier today.

My Pictures of the Nashville Flood

If you’re somehow still in the dark about the historic 1,000 year flood that took place in Nashville last weekend, here are some of my photos from the Hermitage/Old Hickory/Donelson area, with a few shots from Downtown/1st Ave thrown in.

If you’d like to help, buy a We Are Nashville t-shirt from Cool People Care (and read the “We Are Nashville” article that inspired the shirt). All $20 of the purchase price goes to Nashville disaster relief, and the t-shirt is 100% organic cotton.

Click the pictures to make them larger, see their descriptions, and view them in a slideshow.

[pe2-gallery class="aligncenter" ] kdk_1460.jpgkdk_1461.jpgkdk_1462.jpgkdk_1463.jpgkdk_1464.jpgkdk_1467.jpgkdk_1468.jpgkdk_1469.jpgkdk_1470.jpgkdk_1473.jpgkdk_1474.jpgkdk_1476.jpgkdk_1477.jpgkdk_1478.jpgkdk_1479.jpgkdk_1480.jpgkdk_1482.jpgkdk_1486.jpgkdk_1487.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

Awesomeness: Someone Kilted the Nashville Nudies

As a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day joke, someone has gone and kilted the famous Nashville nudies in the Music Circle roundabout. Priceless!

Kudos to Nashvillest for the find and the pics.