High heels can’t stop hardcore chics from weightlifting

weightlifting in work clothes

The crew at Lift Big Eat Big posed a challenge to their readers last week. They said, “Workout in your work clothes, to show that everyone can make time to work out.”

What they came up with was a bunch of strong and stunning chics who sent in pics of themselves in their “workoutfits”.

In the pic above is the very awesome Talia VanDoran, a very cool and even stronger feminista that I have the pleasure of being acquainted with. Check out the rest of the pics on Lift Big Eat Big’s Facebook album (which serves as pretty good proof that lifting big and eating big does NOT result in big bulky she-muscles).

Big ass tires = One hell of a workout

sledgehammer tire training

Every spring I try to think up new cruel and unusual ways to punish my clients. Errr, I mean, implement new, fun, and KICK ASS ways to get an awesome workout — and a workout that breaks up the monotony of normal strength training.

This year, it’s with sledgehammers and tire training.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional strength training is my passion and my primary discipline, but even I — an experienced personal trainer — get bored with workouts from time to time. I work hard to keep my clients’ workouts moving and varied, but no matter how many different combinations of super sets or how much plyometric exercise you put into a workout, it can still get a bit mundane.

Enter the tractor tires

This week I started introducing some of my more intermediate to advanced clients to the tires and sledgehammer. They all looked at me like I was crazy.

I get that look a lot (as any trainer worth their salt SHOULD, btw).

Tire training isn’t all that well-known or popular, but those who experience it usually fall in love quickly. What can you do with tractor tires and a sledgehammer (and some rope)?


Check out this video of a circuit that pretty much incorporates all of the most common tire training exercises. (Note: notice how the guy in the video’s form degrades as he gets tired — I do not let clients get away with erroneous technique…ever.) In addition to these exercises, we’ll be doing LOTS of tire drag variations.

If you don’t enjoy your workout, CHANGE IT!